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Lyn Peterson began her design career with a small retail shop in Larchmont, New York some thirty years ago. Happenstance—and another designer’s eleventh-hour cancellation— led to a spot in the prestigious Kips Bay Show house. Lyn’s basement aerie, complete with greenhouse, landed her on the front page of the New York Times Style section as well as on the cover of House Beautiful. Her career was launched.

Clients in ports as far-flung as England, Alabama and California soon followed with a variety of projects, from historic renovations to from-the-ground green construction. But Lyn remains a local girl at heart. A wife and mother of four (and grandmother of three), Lyn is in her own words: “At my best making a house a home. Family and friends is where it all begins and ends.”  

While Lyn’s interiors work for real-families in real-life, her work is widely published. The authors of three design books with Clarkson Potter, Lyn’s interiors have also been featured on the covers of countless magazines and on HGTV. In addition to designing, Lyn is a licensed general contractor.

Lyn and her husband Karl Friberg also own and operate Motif Designs. Motif launched the Ralph Lauren Home Fabric & Wallpaper Collection, created Marimekko wallpaper, and currently designs and distributes to-the-trade furniture, lighting and rugs.


Print materials are important but they are already a part of ancient marketing strategies that it has been a standard to any business to automatically have them from the start of their promotions. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has been adopted by a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that it has been redundant with each other. They only differ on content and name of the company but it seems that every strategy available has already been used. There is no more space for uniqueness and never a chance to stand out.

The Peterson Group has been developing marketing materials since 1991 and believes that as long as people have brains, marketing tools will continue to develop; ideas will continue to create and innovate new things to adhere to the growing demand.

Many marketers say content is the most important part of marketing, regardless of the medium being used. While this is equally true, the question lies as to how you can attract the crowd with your content alone. Negative or positive reviews of your clients depend highly on the visuals as much as on the content.

Adam Span, marketing director of Anon Creative Designs and Marketing and speaker of the most recent marketing symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia compares marketing tools to an impression built around a person. He says, “Let’s say for example you meet two girls for the first time. One is dressed in skirt and coat while the other is dressed in casual pants and tee-shirt, who would you choose as the educated and professional one even without hearing them speak?”

After the crowd has answered that they would be choosing the first one, he said, “Marketing is just like that. First impression matters and this impression mostly rely on the medium you are using”.

Taking your marketing tools to the next level would only need the following:

1.Product video
A two-minute video is now a trend to be able to promote your own product. Video can be a great way to communicate how your products work and how they help your potential customers, particularly for products that lend themselves to a more visual explanation.

People are more likely to trust other people’s witness over your claims. This assures them you are no scam. Make it a habit to ask past clients for their testimonials whenever you can

3.Case Studies
What more can prove your legitimacy and dedication than a bunch of researched numbers and statistics to show?

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  • awatar Joel Windham: Case studies take a lot of time to create. Why would you waste time on it when you have other marketing tools to focus on?
  • awatar David M. Brown: It is better to advance using digital marketing. I can’t understand people who do not want to put up their websites.
  • awatar Erika Larsen: Another great way of marketing is to answer the phone when a client calls. What is the use of your customer support when you just let it ring and direct it to voice mails instead?
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Africa always seems to be the target of counterfeiting. Is it because of the lack of awareness among African people? Or perhaps the stereotype tagged in the general outlook of the continent as being poor and illiterate?

Whatever the impression is on Africa’s lifestyle and education, the issue of drug counterfeiting continues to escalate.

When it was once an anti-malarial medicine in Kenya that exposed African conflict against fraudulent counterfeiting which remains unsolvable until today, another part of Africa emerges in mainstream news as the production, exportation, importation and distribution of fake drugs worsen. It is even more agitated by the fact that higher powers are behind the illegal and criminal act.

The widespread of anti-malarial drug scams were reviewed to be led by drug cartels and large mafia of ex-convicts and people with criminal records. This time, the government, the same voice of the people who are supposed to be the ones leading the battle against counterfeiting are the ones who tolerates and even gets involved in the illegal trade.

In an interview conducted by the Peterson Group, one of the first non-profit organizations to inform the public of the latest news on campaigns against counterfeiting, with Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), the government sector has disclosed that the Government of Liberia sometimes imports into the country fake medicines to be distributed among public hospitals.

“The proliferation of these medicines is posing serious threats to the health of Liberians”, LMHRA Managing Director, Pharmacist David Sumo warned.

Almost all Liberians trust the Public Health Sector when it comes to medicine as they are the only ones who can provide trusted and high-quality medicines to the people.

Sumo added, “Once this news spreads, pandemonium is expected to occur among the public”.

The medicines were confiscated after it was found out that they all have the same series and batch numbers but different manufacturing dates. LMHRA was given the amount of US$60,000 to monitor medicines in five counties including Montserrado, Bomi, and Margibi, among others.

LMHRA is now implementing strict regulations on the import of medicines within Liberia and they are also starting to inform the public of this current threat. The government, on the other hand denies the accusations as they reason that they do not have the resources to procure the medicines.

The drugs were traced back to be manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  • awatar Vasil Novik: The issue of drugs importation is not only done by owners of private pharmacies, but institutions of government responsible for health-related matters that are in the habit of purchasing fake drugs through the procurement process introduced by the government.
  • awatar Ana Maspoch: I do think that the countries which have reports of counterfeiting have connections to the government. It may not be corruption but abuse of power.
  • awatar Betsy Turner: They should already impeach those politicians who are involved. No more trials needed.
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San Francisco health officials are warning residents of the dangerous counterfeited pills circulating in the state.

Earlier this month, between Oct 13 -17, 2015, 3 adults under 40 years old were hospitalized after ingesting a pill inscribed and sold as “Xanax”, an anti-anxiety pill mostly prescribed for depressed adults. These XANAX were sold in the streets but the labels that were found in the victims’ possession, show it has been manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to reviews released by The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information about fraud, counterfeited and substandard medicines, Fentanyl, which is found in the pill, may be more difficult than other opiates to reverse with naloxone, possibly requiring extra doses. Opioids are commonly used to relieve severe pain caused by advanced conditions like cancer. Their use, however, is under strict supervision due to its addictive properties and its life threatening side effects, including respiratory depression. Etizolam is a short-acting sedative that produces central nervous system depression. These two agents, when taken together, can result in marked respiratory and central nervous system depression.

Last Thursday, additional records of victims were also reported. This time, five students were intoxicated, ranging from grades 10 – 12. They were immediately sent to the hospital but would be facing disciplinary action once they are to return. Further investigations are being done in Pinole Valley High School. Similar with those found in the San Francisco, the pills all contained fentanyl, a potent, short-acting opioid that lead to overdose and death.

Counterfeit medicines are a life-long enemy not only of the state but of the world but with the advancement of technology, fraudsters have also progressed with their bogus operations. The authorities are currently raising awareness on the prevention of any complications and to stay away from medicines which are sold without prescription.

For people who do purchase prescription drugs on the street, or who are exposed to opioids, the San Francisco Department of Public Health encourages them to have access to naloxone to combat overdose.

Naloxone is a short-acting opioid antagonist that is sprayed intranasal or injected to reverse an overdose. Naloxone is not a controlled substance, can be prescribed by any licensed health care provider, and can be administered by witnesses as a first aid measure. This antagonist is also available for free under the government’s DOPE project, targeting drug users and their friends and families via syringe exchange sites.

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Wpis tylko dla użytkowników pinger.pl



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Windsor is rolling out the red carpet for small business owners, providing them with a personal assistant of sorts at Town Hall. In an attempt to help loca www.news-magazine-blog.com/windsor-introduces-ne…

Kate-Night: Napisał dzisiaj do mnie kolega z Singapuru... Ma zamiar przyjechać w grudniu w odwiedziny. Zaskoczył mnie pytaniem "Macie tam Starbucks?".... Haha z tego co wiem na razie chyba tylko są w Warszawie, Gdańsku no i pewnie w jakiś innych wielkich miastach... Kurcze czy na Śląsku nie mogą jakiegoś otworzyć do grudnia, żeby wstydu nie było?... A może ktoś z Was wie, gdzie takowy znajduje się w poliżu Zabrza...??


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