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Choosing the right strategy, when trading on the huge forex market, is not an easy decision. In fact, the internet offers so many options for a beginner, that you may find it overwhelming. While there is nothing wrong in looking for the perfect forex trading strategy, remember that you probably won�t stick with the first one which appeals to you. Most things will change in time, as you gain more experience and determine what works best for you.

The best forex - forexlife.info  trading strategy, in the beginning, is to learn as much about this market as possible and to become familiar with the platform you are trading on and with the additional forex trading softwares that you might need. Knowing how to use the helping tools that are already within your reach and how to take advantage of the information you can access for free is a very good start. A piece of advice: don�t try to do something too complicated in the beginning. First of all, some strategies can work for some people, but for others they may be a total failure. The more complicated it gets, the more personal it is and therefor more difficult to implement in someone else�s style.

But if you decide that some strategies are interesting for you, test them on a demo account first and see how they work. You can always modify them to your own liking and perfect them as you become more and more experienced. Use your common sense when developing a strategy to work with and as soon as you have tested it and it proved to be efficient, stick to it.

Changing strategies often can be even more detrimental to your balance than having none. If you get emotional or confused and after your first lose decide to go for a different approach, the result may not be what you would have expected. The reason this happens is that your mind is already set to think in a certain way and modifying that pattern with a totally different one may send you in a spiral of failure and can threaten your account. Eventually you will be so disappointed with all strategies that you won�t trust even your own judgment.

In order to prevent this from happening don�t rush things and don�t panic. Taking it slow and keeping your trailing stops close will give you time to learn and adjust to the wild world that is forex market.

Let’s dig a little deeper than just the two teams playing and take a look, head to head, at 10 key battles to determine which state really rules the roost between Alabama and Texas.

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18 months ago, South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius -- famously known as the "Blade Runner"; because he was born without fibulas and runs on two crescent, carbon fiber lower legs -- made global headlines when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) overturned a ban by the IAAF and and allowed Pistorius to compete against able-bodied runners.

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