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Podczas Celebrity NBA All-Star Game Justin zmierzył sie z Cannonem (piosenkarz & aktor)
Tera to on wyzywa go na rewanż ;)

Mówie od razu - Jestem za JB :D

  • awatar gość: a kto wygrał rok temu to NBA All-Star Game Justin czy Common
  • awatar JustinDrewBieber: @gość: JB ;)
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Destroy monsters with a cannon, but just a warning: it's addicting.

Link: onemorelevel.com/game/paper_cannon


The world’s most lethal ping-pong gun has been brought to life. The contraption was made by Denver artist/inventor Ron Kessinger and uses compressed air to shoot water-filled ping-pong balls so hard that they smash through particle board.

Link: gajitz.com/ping-pong-pow-worlds-deadliest-pneuma…


A couple brothers created a huge cannon that can shoot pumpkins up to a mile away. Suck on that, Chinese artillery!

Link: www.break.com/(…)huge-cannon-fires-pumpkins-at-600-…



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