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Każda poważna firma wie ile jest warta. A czy Twoja firma poddała się wycenie? Najnowsza www.alpha-capital.pl/wycena-firmy-przedsiebiorstwa aktywna w najlepszej cenie! Nie czekaj sprawdź już dzisiaj.

Grand Island, Nebraska - From machineries to office equipment, it is possible to lease almost everything for your company. 7 out of 10 companies in America are leasing their business equipment, according to facts presented by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) and it is still on the rise.

Analysts consider it good news for US economy when in 2014, the latest survey of Equipment Finance Activity from ELFA shows that companies signed up for 9.3% more new loans, leases and line of credit to finance equipment. New business volume also grew across organizational types.

Bank Affiliated, which includes commercial banks, investment banks and multi-line finance companies, rose to 6.2%. The captives which typically provide financing for their manufacturer or equipment supplier rose to 11.3%. Independents drastic increase is up to 17.7%. These are those who directly finance the business.

Among the most-financed equipment type, all saw an overall increase in new business volume. 26% of companies lease transportation equipment which stands to be the leading most-leased equipment. Computer equipments came second at 21.7% while only 3.3% of businesses lease material handling.

ELFA also released the forecast on the top 15 trends in 2015 that proves equipment financing as one of the major economical advancement of the country.

Equipment Financing is expected to reach a stunning $1.484 trillion this year with the rapid growth of companies venturing into equipment leasing. Higher growth is possible with aircrafts, trucks and other industrial equipment. As the economy steadily improves and business confidence continues to increase, credit standards should modestly loosen. The propensity to finance decreased in the wake of the financial crisis as businesses deleveraged and refrained from new business investment. Since bottoming out in 2010, the rate at which businesses finance their capital spending has grown consistently and will continue to increase in 2015 with steady economic recovery and shifts in Federal Reserve policy.

Countries from different parts of the world also saw the potential of equipment leasing and have been at par with America on the increase of its rates. Singapore and Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, are known to be Asia’s attractive leasing hub. Construction and infrastructure equipment serves to be leading type of business lease in both countries.

Big changes are said to be expected in the newest survey by ELFA to be released by June this year. The organization is also in close watch of fraud and scams on this line of business and is establishing ways on how to eliminate these kinds of issues.

  • awatar Coen Dickens: Is ELFA’s statistics also available for non-members? How do I register? Is it free?
  • awatar Ashley Wakefields: I hear there are also scams regarding leasing companies. How can we avoid them? Are there ways to which one’s legit? I’ll appreciate it very much if somebody answers me. Many thanks
  • awatar Jan Wagner: More businesses. More money for the state. More jobs for people. Money circles around. Hope the states’ economy improve as well. Anyways, I am planning to lease some equipment myself for my new company. My business address is located in a rented unit in a commercial building and I am just trying it out. It would be practical for me to lease. Can I ask for some advice on how and where to start please? Seems like you are already a big company. Thank you.
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Ghana, Africa - Axis Human Capital, a recruitment group based in Africa, supports Ghana’s continued growth and development in its economy.

According to the African Economic Outlook, the country remains positive with projected GDP growth of 8.3%. Moreover, Ghana’s government statistics added that the value of goods and services produced in the 3rd quarter of 2014 grew by 0.7% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2014.

The growth drivers of 2014 are the following:

•    Livestock – 17.9%
•    Finance and Insurance Activities – 6.4%
•    Fishing – 6.4%
•    Electricity - 6.4%

Africa’s growth and development increased by 5.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2014 compared to the review of data in 2013. The Industry sector recorded the highest growth of 8.1%, the Agriculture Sector followed with 4.4%, while Services recorded a growth rate of 3.5%.  

This may be the reason that Trading Economics data in 2014 states that in the three months to September, quarterly changes reflect an increase in employment and decrease in unemployment rate. Increases in employment were observed in both the formal and the informal sectors. Employment increased by 16,000 in the Agricultural industry.  Compared to a year earlier, employment increased by 81,000.

Just like in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Hong Kong, which have now been reported to increase in their employment rate, this is largely due to increases in the formal and the informal sectors that grew by 134,000 and 85,000 jobs respectively in third quarter of 2014.

Although Africa, as a whole, still remained to be recorded to have the highest unemployment rate in the world, Ghana’s development has triggered hope among its fellow African countries in the possibility of slow growth towards economic success. After all, the continent is home to a third of planet’s mineral reserves, a tenth of the oil and it produces two-thirds of the diamonds. Investors have believed that the continent is far richer in natural resources than any country is.

Economists and researchers review Africa to be one of the fastest growing region in the world. With the promise of better education system, infrastructure development and sensible revolutionary reforms, Africa may lead a hope of a bright future ahead.

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Property Insurance Basics

AXIS Capital, a group of companies with branch offices in Bermuda, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Singapore and the United States has built a global franchise that is well diversified by product –i.e.  Property and Casualty Insurance.

When damage, theft or loss occurs, property insurance covers a business’s building and its contents such as money and securities, accounts-receivable records, inventory, furniture, machinery, supplies and even intangible assets such as trademarks.

There are insurance companies that offer property insurance by named danger, like fire and theft. Others bid policies that cover many perils. Most basic multiple-peril policies comprise losses caused by fire and theft; however business owners can buy added kinds of coverage if they must. For an instance, a business in the Jakarta, Indonesia may want to purchase an earthquake-insurance policy.

Businesses with effective loss-control measures and claim histories often pay lower insurance premiums compared to companies with perilous procedures and poor claims histories. Taking steps to prevent loss like hiring security personnel to avoid shoplifting, installing a sprinkler system to contain fires or using an alarm system to guard against theft can help control complaints in the cost of property insurance.

Types of Coverage

Several businesses buy property insurance by means of a business-owner’s policy (BOP), which packages property and liability insurance into one policy; on the other hand, given that the amount of coverage available in a BOP is generally lower than in a standard property-insurance policy, companies that require a lot of coverage typically stick with a distinct policy.

Some BOPs also comprise business-interruption insurance and extra-expense insurance which is two kinds of elective coverage in a property insurance policy that protect a business after a loss occurs.

Business-interruption insurance provides payments for expenses like salaries, taxes and debts, in addition to any loss of profit because of the interruption of business.

Extra-expense insurance recompenses the expenses of temporarily moving a business when a covered peril happens. Remember to review your policy. For instance, if a fire devastates a clothing store, extra-expense insurance will recompense for a business to continue operations and cover such expenses as buying or leasing equipment, getting new merchandise and notifying customers about changes that have happened.


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Książka stanowi praktyczny przewodnik prezentujący:
dostępne dla małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw źródła finansowania
instrumenty pomocy finansowej dla małych i średnich firm w Polsce
warunki pozyskania kapitału na rynku zewnętrznym oraz strukturę finansową polskich małych i średnich firm.

W publikacji przedstawione zostały alternatywne dla kredytu bankowego źródła finansowania małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw, a także analiza działalności:
funduszy pożyczkowych
funduszy poręczeniowych
sieci aniołów biznesu
funduszy inwestycyjnych venture capital

W przystępny sposób zaprezentowano tu zasady funkcjonowania pozabankowych instytucji finansowych, ich obszar działalności oraz czynniki zewnętrzne mające wpływ na kształtowanie ich strategii (w tym dobór inwestycji). Autorka zidentyfikowała na podstawie rozległych badań porównawczych i własnych doświadczeń praktycznych przyczyny dotychczasowego niewielkiego wykorzystania źródeł finansowania oferowanych przez organizacje pozabankowe wspierane przez Unię Europejską. W podsumowaniu przedstawione są propozycje przezwyciężenia barier w dostępie do kapitału przez małe i średnie przedsiębiorstwa.

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Iranian security forces and opposition activists clash in the capital Tehran, opposition sources say.

Link: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8431523.stm


Brazil. The name alone evokes images of balmy beaches, bronzed bodies, or Bossa ballads. But beneath the veneer of this plastic surgery tropical paradise lurks an ugly, viral underbelly that's infecting the entire world. No, not that weird rash you noticed after Spring Break in Rio. We're talking spam.

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There are between 800 to 1,000 tunnels below the soil of the Egypt-Gaza separation barrier. These tunnels have been the subject of huge investment from Gazans hoping to profit from the large volume of goods smuggled through them.

Link: www.busmanagementme.com/(…)gazza-tunnels-investment…



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