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Emilia jest kadrowcem w korporacji. Pewnego razu w firmie ma miejsce nieszczęśliwy wypadek. Odpowiedzialność za niego spada na Emilię. Bardzo ciekawy film, choć nie do końca realistyczny.

Ocena: 7/10.

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#Symantec radzi użytkownikom produktu pcAnywhere, aby Ci wyłączyli to #oprogramowanie, jeśli nie muszą z niego korzystać.

Firma w tym miesiącu potwierdziła kradzież fragmentu kodu źródłowewego, która datowana jest na 2006 rok.

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It is so clear now what our system has become, the wealthy have a lock on our politics, and it is in the way of getting anything done. It is blocking our ability to do anything about our urgent problems like health care, climate change, financial reform, and of course the low-wage, everything-to-the-top structure of our jobs.

Link: progressivenation.us/(…)top-priority-for-2010-get-c…


Despite Obama's promises of change, corporate crooks are still going unpunished for their roles in the financial collapse. Bernie Madoff and the other accused Ponzi schemers like Allen Stanford are mere pickpockets compared with Wall Street's institutional buccaneers, who, so far, have carted off up to $12.7 trillion.

Link: www.sfweekly.com/2009-10-28/news/no-justice/


With $71 billion in assets and nearly $65 billion in liabilities, CIT is among the largest corporate bankruptcies on record, though it is dwarfed by the likes of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual.

Link: dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/(…)cit-to-file-for-bankr…


The spike in unemployment, the destruction of retirement wealth, the collapse in the value of our homes, the worst recession since the Depression have all resulted directly from the abdication of proper government.

Link: www.huffingtonpost.com/(…)the-cost-of-corporate-com…



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