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The most common parlance for the computer user with time has come out to be the data loss or date corruption. Say you were doing your office work or your a www.computer-product-equipment.biz/computer-data…

Kiedyś nie dałbym ręki uciąć, że UFO istnieje. Dopóki nie zobaczyłem czegoś na własne oczy, czego nie potrafię okiełznać rozumem..

Link: www.kciuk.pl/UFO-istnieje-a45092

WD (Western Digital) is starting to implement a new hard disk drive format structure, known as Advanced Format, that enables 7-11% greater capacity on standard spinning disk drives. So now, 1TB will actually mean closer to 1TB usable space for your por... err media files.

Link: hothardware.com/(…)WD-Gives-You-Up-To-11-More-Space…



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