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Też tak kochacie swoich idoli, że robicie sobie tatuaże z ich imieniem albo macie na ramieniu ich twarz? Sprawdź jakie inne tatuaże ma ten koleś i CO ROBI.


Wpis tylko dla właściciela minibloga

Wpis prywatny. Może go zobaczyć tylko właściciel minibloga.


New FIFA 10 commercial shows the best soccer players in the world trying to juggle the ball with a blindfold on....guess who's the best?

Link: brazil.fandome.com/(…)FIFA-10-Ronaldinho-Promo…


UFC's biggest star has an intestinal illness that requires major surgery, which could end his career. If so, it won't be the first time a promising sports career was cut short way too early.

Link: blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2009/11/before_brock.php


Which musicians have spawned the most killer Halloween songs? From the bleak power rock of Black Sabbath to vamp tramps The Cramps, from the goth-punks of Bauhaus to the horror hip-hop of Gravediggaz, there’s a huge pile of sonic corpses. 10 of the most memorably creepy & freaky songs, tunes that will be perfect to haunt your Halloween playlist.

Link: www.wired.com/underwire/2009/10/top-halloween-tunes/


funny video for funny song ;]

hope U like it.
  • awatar gość: Super :D Uśmiałam się, rewelacyjnie Ci to wyszło :)
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