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Przemysław Pufal: Goat. Goat to zespół, delikatnie mówiąc, trochę zwariowany...

Przecież to nawet nie wygląda. Nie mówiąc o tym, że słuchać się nie da. No ale o gustach się nie dyskutuje.

Link: www.kciuk.pl/Dudy-zrobione-z-kozy-a7207

To understand how ambitious — even crazy — this is, consider the game. Buzkashi, which means "goat grabbing," is a violent sport with virtually no rules. Players, called chapandaz, gallop at breakneck speed over a dusty field, fighting over a dead animal without a head.

Link: www.usatoday.com/(…)2009-11-18-afghan-goat_N.htm…


A funny spoof of SNL's "I'm On A Boat" to help raise money and donate goats for some of the poorest people and villages in India. The charity site allows people to donate money through the customization of their very own goat!



If it isn't weird enough that Steve Killeen walks his pet goat through Sydney every day, it turns out the animal was part of a divorce settlement.

Link: www.dailytelegraph.com.au/(…)story-fn300aev-1225788…



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