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   Marsz środowisk LGBT w Hong Kongu. Spora manifestacja na ulicach miasta
Tagi: Hong Kong Manifestacje LGBT Polityka Ze świata Data: 2017-11-26

Sebastien Buemi broniący tytułu mistrza Formuły E wygrał zwariowaną inaugurację sezonu 2016/2017 elektrycznej serii wyścigowej w Hongkongu.  Skrót wyścigu Nowa eliminacja obfitowała w...

Elektryczna Formuła E przedstawiła zespołom w niej startującym ciekawy projekt kalendarza wyścigów na następny sezon, zawierający sześć nowych lokalizacji. Jeśli wszystko by się udało,...

Chester NG to jeden z najbardziej utalentowanych fotografów motoryzacyjnych z Azji. Zazwyczaj współpracuje on z właścicielami supersamochodów. Nie tylko tych seryjnych, ale i poddanych ekstremalnemu...

Hong Kong jest niesamowitym miejscem. Można spokojnie je nazwać sercem Azji. Wielka metropolia wręcz przytłacza, ale też powala swoim pięknem. Oczywiście nie każdy lubi miejskie klimaty, ale...

Kowloon Walled City było bardzo niezwykłym miejscem w Hong Kongu. Niezwykłe miasto, a raczej wielkie osiedle zamieszkałe przez nawet 50 tysięcy osób miało swoje początki w dziewiętnastym...


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Hear people saying that a leader can always be a boss but not every boss can be a leader? Although leaders and bosses have nearly identical definitions, in effect, they are different in today’s competitive world.

Westhill Consulting and Employment, differentiates the two.

Just the term “leader” evokes more positivity than that of “boss.”

While a boss is mostly concerned with outcomes, a leader is concerned with the overall process and the people who work for the outcome. A study conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia even showed that many people prefer a good leader than a good boss but on a different study, when people dream of getting more advances in the future, what they visualize is having a characteristic of a boss.

1. Leaders lead rather than rule.
We all know that we prefer someone who does an example first rather than someone who just demands and boss around. Of course, we can expect some complaints when our leader invokes rules and don’t follow it. We like it more if our leader experiences what we do since we are more likely to follow when he can relate to us.

2. Leaders listen and speak rather than command.
Bosses tend to give orders; they need their employees to listen and to obey. However, leaders always listen to the opinions of their colleagues and regard them as important.

Leaders are always ready for advising, discussion and any feedback an employee has to offer. This reciprocity makes any individual employee feel stronger and gives him or her confidence to follow the leader.

3. Leaders motivate
While working on projects, people have their ups and downs. Through this roller coaster, bosses are more likely to intimidate into action while leaders will motivate to action. Those who demand and demand are the ones who are annoying and irritating.

One of the best things about leaders is that they offer empathy and prepare a group for the tasks at hand. This is very important, seeing as whenever colleagues are not prepared for certain duties, leaders are there to support, teach and back them up. Leaders know that each employee is on the team for a reason and they have faith in every concerted effort.

4. Leaders learn and teach
A true leader is someone who stays humble and admits that they have more to learn. Reviewing mistakes and correcting them so as not to repeat them is a true leader’s strength.

This explains the tendency of leaders to always pay attention to their colleagues, knowing there is always more to learn from them. Moreover, leaders are not only takers, but givers, as well. A good leader is not greedy for sharing knowledge and experience with someone else; instead, the leader teaches and nurtures new professionals.

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Age has always been a factor in landing a job. A more experienced 30-year-old experienced applicant has far more advantage than a 20-year old freshman. Admit it or not. Age discrimination has been one of the issues faced by both extremities in old and young individuals alike. Westhill Consulting and Employment knows that there are risks in employment especially old aged employees.

Perceptions and reviews towards those aged over 70 were more positive than towards those in their 20s, with older people viewed as being more friendly, having higher moral standards and as being more competent than their younger counterparts.

However, when respondents were asked how acceptable they would find a suitably qualified 30-year-old or 70-year-old boss, the results showed a bias towards younger workers. While most were accepting of either age, three times as many (15% and 5% respectively) thought that having a 70-year-old boss would be "unacceptable" compared with having a 30-year-old boss. Cases like these are prevalent in developing countries which invest in young minds. Cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China has a lot of these accounts in their records.

In most cases, the following are factors for the existence of age discrimination among employees:

•    You didn't get hired because the employer wanted a younger-looking person to do the job.
•    You received a negative job evaluation because you weren't "flexible" in taking on new projects.
•    You were fired because your boss wanted to keep younger workers who are paid less.
•    You were turned down for a promotion, which went to someone younger hired from outside the company, because the boss says the company "needs new blood."
•    When company layoffs are announced, most of the persons laid off were older, while younger workers with less seniority and less on-the-job experience were kept on.
•    Before you were fired, your supervisor made age-related remarks about you, such as that you were "over-the-hill," or "ancient."

If any of these things have happened to you on the job, you may have suffered age discrimination. You might also want to file a complaint against your employer as you are very well protected by law.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination based on age. The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990 (OWBPA) amended the ADEA to specifically prohibit employers from denying benefits to older employees.

While an older worker is also covered by several other workplace laws, these are the main federal laws which specifically protect older workers against discrimination based on age. Age discrimination may be accompanied by other forms of illegal discrimination as well, such as sex, race, or disability discrimination.

The laws of most states also make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of age.

Equally as important as learning how to get a job is learning how to keep one. Working is much like dating: Keep the relationship exciting or your employer might get a wandering eye for greener pastures. You need to stay at the top of your game to prove to your employer that she was right to pick you in the first place. You can stand out at work by being a stand-up person. Be honest, act with integrity and treat everyone with kindness and respect. Westhill Consulting and Employment in Jakarta has recognized the need of many employees to stand out among colleagues. You cannot expect any development when you continue to stand down to others.

1.    Make a habit of introducing yourself.

Whenever you walk into a meeting, go up to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself. People with the confidence to do this stand out. Work out a few questions to ask to get to know people, and you’ll quickly boost your visibility. More people you know more chances of being popular.

2.    Sit next to new people.

As an extension of tip one, if there’s an opportunity to sit next to new people at a meeting, a talk, at lunch, on a training course – you should take it. Whether they may be from different nations like Jakarta, Indonesia, Ghana, Africa or Tokyo, Japan, treat them with respect. Often the shared experience creates an opportunity to build a relationship. Not only does this again demonstrate your confidence, but it’s also a great way to show senior managers you take an interest in other people and have the skills to develop a widespread network. If you can show that, it will be noted.

3.    Be first to act.

If you’ve heard someone ask for a volunteer, or open the floor for questions after a presentation, you’ve likely experienced the awkward silence that follows. But by being the person to stand up and volunteer to be the one at the flipchart or taking the action points, or by having a question ready to start the ball rolling, you show you’re willing to get into action when the structured part of the meeting stops – something senior managers equate with leadership ability and the ability to make a career leap successfully.

4.    Smile.

Even when it's the last thing you feel like doing, still smile -- and others will smile with you. Instead of having complaints with the system or any negativity in your workplace, smile and treat them with optimism.

5.    Seek opportunities to learn new skills and maintain old ones.

Don't make the mistake of becoming a dinosaur; keep yourself marketable by remaining current in your profession. Review what you need to improve on and learn where you need to excel more.


   Demonstranci w Hong Kongu znów wyszli na ulice
Tagi: Hong Kong Chiny Demonstracje Zamieszki Ze świata Data: 2015-02-01

Od tygodnia w Hong Kongu trwają protesty środowisk akademickich. Studenci i wykładowcy wyszli na ulice metropolii domagając się utrzymania swobód demokratycznych. Na przestrzeni kilku dni do...


   Demonstracje w Hong Kongu przerodziły się w zamieszki
Tagi: Hong Kong Chiny Demonstracje Zamieszki Ze świata Data: 2014-09-27

Most residents in Jakarta, Indonesia, particularly the elderly, are already with some medical problems, which can only be common because of their age. These medical conditions can be hypertension, diabetes, or the more serious medical problems. When they are in this state, they will need the prescribed medicines for maintenance or the medical devices and equipment required for their health. For supplies and deliveries of these medicines and medical equipment, AXIS Capital, Inc. a Direct Lender providing quality equipment leasing/financing services along with superior customer service headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska is the choice of many, and this is widely acknowledged. Many satisfied patients who have received the prompt and efficient deliveries of their needed medicines have acknowledged the truthfulness of this claim.

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Patients can get assured that they will really receive the medicines needed because these are supplied by AXIS Capital, Inc. and charged through Medicare. Patients will receive the medications and equipment after the order is processed.

US MED and its family of companies is America's choice for home delivery of quality diabetic supplies , Breathing medications.



   Burzliwe protesty w Hong Kongu
Tagi: Hong Kong Demonstracje Protest Manifestacje Ze świata Data: 2014-07-02


   Demonstracje w Hong Kongu w rocznicę protestu na placu Tiananmen
Tagi: Hong Kong Chiny Demonstracje Protest Ze świata Data: 2014-06-02


   Potężna bitwa na poduszki w Hong Kongu
Tagi: Hong Kong Poduszki Bitwa Ze świata Data: 2014-04-06


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