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Niestety Pinokia chyba nikt nie lubi, ponieważ ciężko jest cokolwiek znaleźć.
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Zendaya na instgrama i mobli wstawiła tą samą fotkę.

Easily one of the best moments of my life, so honored to have met and danced to the one and only Stevie wonder #blessed #livinglegend

what an amazing night!! thanks to #DWTS for such an incredible experience!! #steviewonder #crossthatoffmylist #blessed #inspired #Blessed #Inspired #StevieWonder
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Kim Peek, the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning 1988 movie 'Rain Man,' died of a heart attack Saturday at age 58, according to the Deseret

Link: insidemovies.moviefone.com/(…)kim-peek-rain-man-ins…


In tough economic times like these, families aren’t the only people who struggle to make Christmas a joyous time.  Corporate America is having a tough go of it as well.  Here are 9 (hilarious) coupons inspired by the recession.

Link: funnycrave.com/christmas-coupons-recession/7359/


James Cameron spent years creating Avatar's floating islands and crazy dragons, and then an army of concept artists brought them to life. But maybe they had some inspiration from somewhere else? Like classic album-cover artist Roger Dean? Behold the evidence.

Link: io9.com/(…)did-prog-rocks-greatest-artist-inspire-a…


It has become synonymous with the terrorist attacks of September 11 - but what is the origin of the name al-Qaida? Giles Foden on how Bin Laden may have been inspired by Isaac Asimov's Foundation

Link: www.guardian.co.uk/(…)alqaida.sciencefictionfantasy…


Researchers in Israel have discovered a thick layer of debris by the coast which contain remains from the date of the Santorini eruption (about 1630 B.C.). The particles match the size and pattern of those left by Tsunamis and could shed light on the volcanic explosion that obliterated much of Santorini and might have inspired the Atlantis legend.

Link: www.msnbc.msn.com/(…)technology_and_science-science…



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