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Lyn Peterson began her design career with a small retail shop in Larchmont, New York some thirty years ago. Happenstance—and another designer’s eleventh-hour cancellation— led to a spot in the prestigious Kips Bay Show house. Lyn’s basement aerie, complete with greenhouse, landed her on the front page of the New York Times Style section as well as on the cover of House Beautiful. Her career was launched.

Clients in ports as far-flung as England, Alabama and California soon followed with a variety of projects, from historic renovations to from-the-ground green construction. But Lyn remains a local girl at heart. A wife and mother of four (and grandmother of three), Lyn is in her own words: “At my best making a house a home. Family and friends is where it all begins and ends.”  

While Lyn’s interiors work for real-families in real-life, her work is widely published. The authors of three design books with Clarkson Potter, Lyn’s interiors have also been featured on the covers of countless magazines and on HGTV. In addition to designing, Lyn is a licensed general contractor.

Lyn and her husband Karl Friberg also own and operate Motif Designs. Motif launched the Ralph Lauren Home Fabric & Wallpaper Collection, created Marimekko wallpaper, and currently designs and distributes to-the-trade furniture, lighting and rugs.



Four main factors determine our potential for catching disease. Understanding these essential factors will help us determine the best solution to our health problems. These factors are:

The environment is a neutral factor by itself; meaning, the environment nurtures life according to complex mechanisms which allow living organisms to adapt as well as to cope with the challenges to survival. Many believe that organisms have the innate ability to overcome these obstacles and develop defensive and offensive mechanisms in order to reproduce their kind and as well as improve their chances to survive. Drastic improvements, as presumed, would lead to organisms evolving, hence, the theory. On the other hand, slight adaptation behaviors or steps involve using available resources to allow a species to survive without necessarily evolving into new species.

Humans react to the environment in intricate ways which can be further complicated by the fact that they themselves have now the capacity to mindlessly alter or intelligently redesign the environment. The race to reach Mars is one extreme example of this human capacity which is fraught with so many variables and unknowns.

But we do not have to go far to realize that what we have done to the environment has degraded its capacity to sustain healthful living. Think about the pollution and destruction that our ecosystems or global systems (coastal areas, river systems, forests, atmosphere and ozone layer) have suffered from our eagerness to harness resources without regard to natural processes?

How we react to the environment that has in turn reacted to our own activities determines our vulnerability to diseases. How can we not develop respiratory diseases or lung cancer with all the toxins we release in the air? How can we not suffer dietary problems when the food we eat has been devitalized through so much processing? How can we grow nourishing food when we do not return what the soil needs to keep it well-nourished as well? In short, we make the environment what it is and, in return, it makes us what we are now – prone to diseases.

2.Emotional condition
Many unresolved emotional issues can lead to the disruption of the functions of the body, particularly the immunity system. When people blame their “low resistance” for their sickness, they are actually claiming the fact that the immunity system is the first and last line of defense in the body’s battle with the environment and the deficiencies and diseases it brings. A person who is grieving is considered “depressed” since that emotional condition is not the normal condition conducive to healthy living. Yes, we can accept that a certain dose of sadness and sorrow can bring about beneficial changes in our lives. But when such moments cause us not to eat properly, not to get enough rest for recovery or not to do physical exertion, the body will start dropping its defenses and becomes easy prey to diseases. The wise King Solomon gave this vital medical advice: A cheerful heart is good medicine; but a sad face dries up the bones.

3.Unmitigated stresses
Many people go through days and days of unrelenting stress and end up with hypertension, especially people who live in the crowded cities. One related case was the medical findings on many young American soldiers in their late teens and early twenties developing cardiovascular disease during the Korean War. Not only does stress cause systemic ailments, it can also affect the mental condition of those who have no coping mechanisms for releasing the stress.

Today, the popularity of music therapy and massage therapy has provided immense relief to those who regularly make use of them. Homeopathy is based on the principle that the “demise of a certain disease starts from the mind”. Putting our minds in a condition of equilibrium (through music or relaxation) can begin the process of renewing the body’s defenses against disease.

4.Lifestyle disorders
People do not only react to the environment, they also fight or go against it oftentimes. Think of extreme-sports practitioners who take challenges beyond normal limits sometimes without regard to their health or safety. Frostbite is a common danger to mountain climbers which has led to amputation of toes or fingers. But this is an extreme case; we know there are lifestyle disorders which many undergo without even knowing it. We could be eating good food or doing regular exercise; however, if we spend so much time being sedentary on a daily basis or not getting sufficient sunlight or breathing naturally fresh air, we become prone to diseases.

We must begin to consider how we can improve our lives such that we give to the body what it deserves so that it will take care of us as well. The Peterson Group of Jakarta and Malaysia has practiced homeopathy as the best choice for resolving diseases. As more and more people realize that they have a choice between homeopathy and allopathy, many also come to respect the value and the advantages that homeopathy has over allopathic.

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It is a fair question, not a philosophical one but a physiological or medical curiosity we wish to answer in relation to how healing is achieved.

Perhaps, you may not have encountered the question before. Or you may not think of it as important or worth considering. For why should we bother how we smile or whether it comes from the heart, the head or the kidneys, for that matter.  Maybe the whole body “smiles” and feels the happiness all over. It just so happens that the lips manifest that happiness just as the tears from our eyes manifests our sorrow.

Yes, we can go on and on with this discussion and even conduct experiments like they do in the academe, research labs or on YouTube without finding out for sure how we smile. For instance, an experiment “showed” that even the very act of forming our lips into a smile can bring about the feelings of happiness that the smile what meant to bring. Or in another case, going through the action of laughing even without really feeling the laughter results in massaging the heart or the torso, bringing about the release of tension or heaviness of heart. If this is true, we could safely say that thinking positive or thinking that we are well can bring about healing or sets our body into a position where we start the healing process.  

Call it mind over body or simply self-hypnosis, it works for some people and maybe more than we can imagine. For if the body does have an immune system, then that system must respond not just to external stimuli or inputs, such as food or medicine, but also from internal signals which the body itself sends in order to repair itself or prevent damage. Dr. Andrew Weil, in his book Spontaneous Healing, documented actual cases where people experienced miraculous (or what he calls “spontaneous”) healing. Such cases occurred without as much as administering medicine or any kind of medical help other than through meditation or prayer or some inexplicable means.

As a matter of fact, homeopathy has proven that the immune system works essentially to restore the body’s optimum functions. Hence, practitioners believe that the body is healed not by medicine but by the body’s immune system which reacts to the homeopathic (or even allopathic) measures taken to correct any deficiency or damage inside the body. Said simply, no food or medicine works without the immune system processing them for the body’s proper functioning.

So, going back to our question, or paraphrasing it: Is a smile part of our immune system, helping us to recover from tension, emotional stress and sickness? Or simply to give us a moment to experience joy to a height which we could not fake with any gadget or potion but through a naturally-given process that everybody (and we mean everybody) can experience anytime and anywhere? Perhaps, a smile is indeed a external sign that the person is well, is getting well, is feeling well or is doing well – whether he or she is sick or not.

But to answer our question, many have never considered the possibility of the heart smiling with and through the head (using the lips which the head contains). Do we feel with the heart only or also with the mind? Do we know only with the mind or also with the heart? The body becomes well and balanced when not only the mind, heart and all other organs work at their optimum level, but the whole body functions as one as it was meant to do. Obviously, the mind knows that the body is well becomes the body tells the mind so. And it follows; the heart knows what the body knows.

This does not mean we cannot be happy even when we are sick or lose the function of some of our body parts. The blind and the deaf can smile even without seeing beauty or hearing music. It only means that both the heart and mind must always work as one to provide us with the right way of living a healthy and well-balanced life.

The Peterson Group of Jakarta and Malaysia endorses homeopathy as a beneficial medical means for those who want to experience relief from their physical and emotional troubles through a more effective and non-invasive alternative medical method.

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Proliferation of counterfeit medicine market is a great concern to government regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers and consumers. However, its percentage is continuously increasing not only in poor and developing countries but also in developed ones. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is one of the most underrated issues in the world that contributes largely to morbidity, mortality and drug intoxication of people of ages, religions and cultures.

One of the reasons why there is the domination of counterfeit medicines is the lack of attention given by the rightful authorities. Even with the strict policies, many national governments are focused on the smuggling of illegal drugs such as opium and heroin in their countries that the seemingly “legit” pharmaceutical drugs pass their investigation. Cities know for strict implementation of policies against smuggled drugs includes Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Victoria, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, yet these countries are also among the countries which have the highest number of counterfeit cases.

Only a few and only those dedicated in this special case give concern for the worsening number of counterfeit medicines victims in the world - included in this are the non-profit organizations with the ultimate advocacy to obliterate the number of fraudulent cases.  In their effort to eliminate drug counterfeiting from the main problems of the world, studies and reviews are being created because of this.

The Peterson Group, one of these concerned NGOs has developed falsified medicine analysis for years and has reported special cases vital in determining the total scale of the problem. Their falsified medicine analysis expertise is ideally positioned to address the highly technical issues involved in investigating the increasingly sophisticated falsified medicines or counterfeit medicines being discovered in legitimate supply chains. As a key tool in our pharmaceutical supply chain surveillance for counterfeit medicines services, our laboratory network employ a wide scope of investigative analytical technology such as mass spectrometry (MS), infra-red (FTIR) spectroscopy, RAMAN spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS), liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and more, to explore and assist in the identification of fake medicines.

With the assistance of advanced research labs funded by concerned pharmaceutical companies and individuals, these systems are already underway in determining the impact of counterfeit medicines in a region by region scale. Some of these methods may take a lot of time to produce results but with proper effort and support, falsified medicine analysis, which seems too complicated in the early times, can be more comprehensive.

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The history of healing or medical practice is as long as the very existence of humans themselves. Well, almost. Many cultures speak of the pre-history of humans when they lived in Utopia or Paradise; and humans and their environment were initially perfect and conducive to perpetual living. But we are talking about history, pre-history.

At present, the Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia continues to practice CAM. It sees history still at play in the various practices and modes of treating the human body against the effects and ravages of devitalized food, stress, aging, poverty, toxic substances, radiation, trauma and other sources of health degradation. For many people, what their parents taught them as children when they caught a cold, got diarrhea or had a headache still apply, while adding some of the more convenient tablets or cure prescribed for such minor ailments. In many of these common aches, the thought of feeling like a child once more and being caressed or applied with motherly love would be enough to bring a significant psychological and physiological relief.

There is the perceived tendency for medical practice to go back to the effective ancient medicine conceived and somehow perfected by our ancestors. At least, that is the theory. And so far, the theory has been proven to be valid and effective. Which makes us wonder why we lost it or chose to surrender its efficacy for the more popular mode applied at present.

We have to admit that science and technology have made significant progress in addressing many diseases and physiological conditions that are assumed to be not within the purview of CAM. For instance, surgery and other modern reconstructive surgical procedures that provide corrective steps or enhancement to organ failure or other biological defects would not have been possible without medical advancement. But the question needs to be asked, however: What brought about the human tendency to sickness anyway? Was it not our inability to see the totality of the human condition in relation to our environment? Was it not, perhaps, our propensity to look up to science and technology to cure our illnesses with fast and efficient means without regard to the root causes that brought about those illnesses?

It appears then that allopathy, or the conventional medical approach to the general human physiological problem, is rooted in facing the present condition of the human. That is, it seeks to, as it has almost always had in the past and in the present, to treat symptoms and not the roots causes of diseases. CAM enjoys the advantageous positive and wholesome approach of ancient medical practice, which is that of looking at the body as a complete and perfect design of a multitude of functions and processes that work together to form a unified organism, whether we are talking of an animal, a plant or a human being or even the entire environment, that possesses systems that allow for repair, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and revitalization. All that medicine does, as ancient western medical wisdom accepts, is to feed the organism with “food as its medicine and medicine as its food” to keep it perpetually functioning.

CAM, in short, seeks to return the body to its own ways by discovering what makes it function or not function, in the first place. This knowledge had been known a long time ago and some, if not a big part, of that knowledge has been preserved in the effective healing practices of tribal or traditional doctors. It is no wonder that CAM is effective in healing and preventing many kinds of diseases because it considers the body as an integral part of the whole Universe and not just of its immediate environment. And, incidentally, as we said in the beginning, humans are products of a perfect world that has been lost to us. How we can recover our bearing and connection to that world is the ultimate search for medicine, CAM and all human knowledge.

The Peterson Group believes that the future of CAM is bright as it is headed in the right direction which is toward the recovery of ancient medical wisdom complemented by the growing understanding of all the forces and elements that affect the human condition. The Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia continues to provide these homeopathy reviews to expand the public awareness for this effective medical approach.


Print materials are important but they are already a part of ancient marketing strategies that it has been a standard to any business to automatically have them from the start of their promotions. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has been adopted by a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that it has been redundant with each other. They only differ on content and name of the company but it seems that every strategy available has already been used. There is no more space for uniqueness and never a chance to stand out.

The Peterson Group has been developing marketing materials since 1991 and believes that as long as people have brains, marketing tools will continue to develop; ideas will continue to create and innovate new things to adhere to the growing demand.

Many marketers say content is the most important part of marketing, regardless of the medium being used. While this is equally true, the question lies as to how you can attract the crowd with your content alone. Negative or positive reviews of your clients depend highly on the visuals as much as on the content.

Adam Span, marketing director of Anon Creative Designs and Marketing and speaker of the most recent marketing symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia compares marketing tools to an impression built around a person. He says, “Let’s say for example you meet two girls for the first time. One is dressed in skirt and coat while the other is dressed in casual pants and tee-shirt, who would you choose as the educated and professional one even without hearing them speak?”

After the crowd has answered that they would be choosing the first one, he said, “Marketing is just like that. First impression matters and this impression mostly rely on the medium you are using”.

Taking your marketing tools to the next level would only need the following:

1.Product video
A two-minute video is now a trend to be able to promote your own product. Video can be a great way to communicate how your products work and how they help your potential customers, particularly for products that lend themselves to a more visual explanation.

People are more likely to trust other people’s witness over your claims. This assures them you are no scam. Make it a habit to ask past clients for their testimonials whenever you can

3.Case Studies
What more can prove your legitimacy and dedication than a bunch of researched numbers and statistics to show?

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  • awatar Joel Windham: Case studies take a lot of time to create. Why would you waste time on it when you have other marketing tools to focus on?
  • awatar David M. Brown: It is better to advance using digital marketing. I can’t understand people who do not want to put up their websites.
  • awatar Erika Larsen: Another great way of marketing is to answer the phone when a client calls. What is the use of your customer support when you just let it ring and direct it to voice mails instead?
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Laptops claim to be user-friendly since its features are easily understandable. It is also portable, convenient and lightweight making it efficient to use anywhere. Unfortunately, laptop’s compact design which attaches keyboard and monitor, make it awkward to use. It forces users to an uncomfortable position. It is worse for frequent laptop users since it can affect their stature or a fracture a wrist.

A statement within the manual under the basic warnings section of The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan, says that “the design of the laptop violates the basic ergonomic requirement of a computer. Users are therefore advised to lessen the amount of time spent on laptop usage”.

True enough; complaints on musculoskeletal discomfort have been extensive in the usage of laptop keyboards and its touch pads. Other uneasiness includes awkward wrist posture, pressure directly on their carpal tunnel, a flexed neck, and rounded shoulders.  Experts say there is no better treatment in these discomforts than to minimize laptop usage since there is no denying its demand especially since reviews expect laptop sales to further grow in the next couple of years.

To avoid ergonomical problems when using your laptop, Prof Elizabeth Kiewe of Jakarta University in Indonesia has these simple tips:

1.    Set up a workstation

If you cannot avoid frequent usage of your laptop, you should set-up a permanent workstation which is comfortable and promotes neutral posture for your neck and back as well as for your arms. The screen of your laptop should meet your eye level and the table from which it is placed should not be too high or too low. You can also attach an external keyboard to avoid discomfort and add a mouse on your accessories.

2.    Find Comfort for Occasional Usage

Even when you only use your laptops just occasionally, you are still prone to some injuries and some discomfort. First find the most comfortable position in which you can neutralize the usage of your wrist and neck. It is not advisable to lie down.

3.    Consider the Size of your Laptop

Many of us invest on netbooks since it is more portable. However, the smaller the screen size, the smaller the visuals would be. Although you can adjust this on the display options, it is still best to consider the inconvenience of a smaller laptop size.  The size of the keyboard also affects ergonomic issues.


The Ministry of Health in England has just announced that the National Health System (NHS) may ban homeopathic treatments from a General Physician’s prescription due to the lack of scientific evidence in its effectiveness. The time-old belief in the effects of placebo within its treatment is also a cause of debate and complaints from many people against it.

Homeopathy derives most of its treatment in the belief that the body can help itself with the assistance of highly diluted substances which is highly controversial since analysts say there is no evidence that works.

Experts suspect, however, that this issue is England’s response to the conflict between Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and homeopathic practice in the United States. It is possible, as so many claims that England is being cautious of its objective on the critical issue since complaints can target this rich nation.

NHS has denied this, of course, claiming that ‘With rising health demands, we have a duty to make sure we spend NHS funds on the most effective treatments”, as quoted from England’s Chief Medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.

There are several NHS homeopathic hospitals and some GP practices also offer homeopathic treatment.

In a private interview, authorities have ensured The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information on complementary, alternative and integrative medicines that a consultation on whether homeopathy should continue to be prescribed is expected to take place next year. About £4 million in total is thought to be spent on NHS homeopathy.

The battle of whether homeopathy is legitimate or fraudulent still continues.

Many were surprised with the review decision of NHS as England, among other European countries have been openly embracing homeopathy as one of their main trusted treatments aside from conventional medicine. They have even integrated this practice to what Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have influenced in alternative medicine.

Although not that active in homeopathic treatments as the United Kingdom, England has been open to homeopathic experts and has been tolerating further studies on the 200-year old treatment.

Homeopathy is not currently available on the NHS in all areas of the country, but there are several NHS homeopathic hospitals. Some GP practices also offer homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is also usually practiced privately and homeopathic remedies are available from pharmacies. There is also no regulations banning anyone from practicing homeopathy but if the decree of NHS be followed, banning of homeopathic treatments is expected to follow next.

When you are in need of money, more people in Jakarta Indonesia consider that a second mortgage is the solution. Second mortgages, otherwise known as home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) can be utilized to finance a range of projects and objectives.

Positive thinkers are fond of looking on the bright side of things. However when it comes to financial products like second mortgages, they as well must look at the opposite side, maybe like scams and frauds. Second mortgages have lots of benefits, but then again they have heavy drawbacks, as well. In whatever financial deal, it's significant to be conscious of all your possible risks.

Axis Capital Group, CA: Drawbacks of taking a second mortgage on your home.

The prevalent jeopardy is placing your house on the line as collateral. As you cannot assure that your financial state will continue being stable, you may turn out losing your residence if you realize you can’t pay the second loan, particularly if you don’t have sufficient money to make payments on the first mortgage loan.

As soon as you have a second mortgage in place, refinancing will be extremely problematic to do since your loan to value ratio will be exceedingly high.

The interest rates you will pay are frequently greater than your first mortgage. The more expensive your interest rate is indicted for the reason that of the extra risk for the lender. This is since a default sets the second mortgage at a lesser priority than the first mortgage.

There are some unreasonable fees related with securing a second mortgage. There are a lot of works complicated in getting a second mortgage. You must have your home assessed and pay for closing costs again. For some, the price of the dues may not be value the actual loan. It will be contingent on the sum of loan you are looking for and how extensive your loan terms will be.

Finally, other choices, like cash-out refinancing and HELOC might be better right for your condition.



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