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postać: Selphie Tilmitt
seria: Final Fantasy (VIII), Kingdom Hearts
rodzaj: gry j-rpg
modelka: MidnightCraze
kraj: Niemcy
więcej: www.midnightcraze.deviantart.com
fotograf: Slumberlotus
kraj: Niemcy
więcej: www.slumberlotus.deviantart.com


In the past, researchers had thought alligators were indiscriminate about whom they mated with, but a 10-year study has shown females will return to the same males year after year, passing up a veritable swampload of eligible men.

Link: www.asylum.co.uk/(…)the-sluttiest-species-in-the-an…


In China, it's a small world after all. The Kingdom of Dwarves theme park features singing, dancing and costumed "little people."

Link: www.globalpost.com/(…)china-kingdom-dwarves-kunming…



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