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Hej :3
Dziś przybyła do mnie pewna lalka, a mianowicie...


Madeline Hatter Legacy Day!

(zdjęcia podpisane, aby nie było komentarzy, że ukradłam je z neta)

Jestem bardzo szczęśliwa ♥ Maddie ogólnie jest cudowna (jest na 4 miejscu listy moich ulubionych postaci xD), a jej Legacy Day tak mnie zachwycił, że niewiele się zastanawiając kupiłam ;D

Rozpakowana kapeluszniczka:



Przepraszam za jakość niektórych zdjęć :c

Teraz parę zdjęć "review":
bez mojego (nie)zbędnego komentarza xD






Kocham ją <3 I jej strój <3 Ona jest trzecia w kolejce na sesję (przy okazji powiem, że już niedługo świąteczna sesja Blondie c;)


+ bonus

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Przygotowane na konkurs "Butt-Numb-A-Thon contest: Tronitize your favorite movie scene:" serwisu Ain't It Cool News. rewelacja

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In the back of every Washington politician's mind is this sobering fact: Unless Congress acts, the temporary tax cuts it passed when George W. Bush was president will expire at the end of next year. Let them expire, then you are a tax hiker. Let them say, you are adding $2 Trillion to the Federal Budget deficit.

Link: www.mcclatchydc.com/(…)81296.html…


Hollywood Reporter - The artists got it right. They focus on the light cycles, which was the visual signature of the original 'Tron'.

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From now on, the headlines about Afghanistan will be slugged "Obama's War," and perhaps that is fair enough given the president's many endorsements of what he has called a war of necessity. It would be much less fair, however, to ignore the events that led us to this moment.

Link: www.observer.com/2009/politics/crushing-legacy-bush


Sixty years ago, the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon at a test facility on the steppe of northeast Kazakhstan. Residents in the surrounding area became unwitting guinea pigs, exposed to the aftereffects of the bombs both intentionally and unintentionally. The radiation has silently devastated 3 generations of people in Kazakhstan.

Link: www.boston.com/(…)kazakhstans_radioactive_legacy.ht…


Environmental Graffiti put together a great set of images and a very interesting article.  Empires rise and fall, but the physical foundations they lay remain like ghosts. Fifty years ago Baghdad had just three public sculptures.  But what has become of this architecture of fear since the fall of Saddam?

Link: www.environmentalgraffiti.com/(…)17113…


The Hiroshima of the chemical industry: At least 25,000 people exposed to the gas have since died, and today in Bhopal tens of thousands more Indians suffer from a variety of debilitating gas-related illnesses such as respiratory and psychiatric problems, joint pains, menstrual irregularities, tuberculosis and cancers. Thanks, Union Carbide.

Link: www.theage.com.au/(…)horrendous-legacy-20091030-hpt…



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