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tumble.: 'ty nie jesteś tu, mnie nie ma tam.. to tak jakby każde z nas było samotne'  ~The Fray
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Happiness, laughter, and smiles are often described as infectious. It turns out you can catch loneliness too.....

Link: living.health.com/(…)loneliness-is-contagious…


Lonely people spread the wealth with friends. The finding, published in the December issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, suggests that loneliness is not a character trait, as in "that person is such a loner," but more of a state such as hunger, which evolved as a cue to motivate our ancestors to go find food.

Link: www.livescience.com/(…)091201-loneliness-spreads-fr…


The new study suggests those with a negative vibe spread it merely by being in regular contact with that person.

Link: www.wbbm780.com/(…)5789925…



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