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Dominik Panek: Blogerka uwolniona, ale Farinas za kratami - Wiadomości - polskieradio.pl rdir.pl/1pge0w #Kuba #Sanchez

golasso.pl: Piłkarz umieścił sex taśmę z panią polityk [zdjęcia] rdir.pl/1p0b4o #Sanchez#Hormigos#wag#

When Sen. John Ensign went on CNN Thursday to talk to Rick Sanchez, the scandal-plagued politician thought he was going to have airtime to launch attacks against the Obama administration. Instead, he found himself facing tough questions about allegations he helped secure a job for an aide with whose wife he was sleeping.

Link: rawstory.com/2009/01/cnns-sanchez-attack-ensign/


A HUGE gash that spanned half of his forehead. His eyebrow looked like it was knocked off. His left eye was swollen completely shut. His bottom lip was fat and split in two. His right ear was bruised and bashed in. Did Diego Sanchez fight B.J. Penn or Freddy Krueger? And did we just watch UFC 107 or Saw 7?

Link: www.cdn.sherdog.com/(…)20091212101658_IMG_6256.JPG…



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