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  • awatar Hmmm^^: Jak z gotyku:D
  • awatar By_Olka: mam już tą trzecią fantastyczna :)
  • awatar De and De: a kiedy będą karabińczyki ? :)
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Not everyone can be trusted with a spoon (think asylums and prisons), so a company that develops paper container lids has developed a biodegradable, safe spoon.  While its safe paper design ensures your dining partner won't be able to shank you with it, it's shape, complete with a tip labeled 'Eat', suggests a shank of a different sort.

Link: www.greenerdesign.com/(…)utensil-company-debuts-saf…


The so-called "silver spoon" effect -- in which wealth is passed down from one generation to another -- is well established in some of the world's most ancient economies, according to an international study coordinated by a UC Davis anthropologist.

Link: www.physorg.com/news176046539.html



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