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Laptops claim to be user-friendly since its features are easily understandable. It is also portable, convenient and lightweight making it efficient to use anywhere. Unfortunately, laptop’s compact design which attaches keyboard and monitor, make it awkward to use. It forces users to an uncomfortable position. It is worse for frequent laptop users since it can affect their stature or a fracture a wrist.

A statement within the manual under the basic warnings section of The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan, says that “the design of the laptop violates the basic ergonomic requirement of a computer. Users are therefore advised to lessen the amount of time spent on laptop usage”.

True enough; complaints on musculoskeletal discomfort have been extensive in the usage of laptop keyboards and its touch pads. Other uneasiness includes awkward wrist posture, pressure directly on their carpal tunnel, a flexed neck, and rounded shoulders.  Experts say there is no better treatment in these discomforts than to minimize laptop usage since there is no denying its demand especially since reviews expect laptop sales to further grow in the next couple of years.

To avoid ergonomical problems when using your laptop, Prof Elizabeth Kiewe of Jakarta University in Indonesia has these simple tips:

1.    Set up a workstation

If you cannot avoid frequent usage of your laptop, you should set-up a permanent workstation which is comfortable and promotes neutral posture for your neck and back as well as for your arms. The screen of your laptop should meet your eye level and the table from which it is placed should not be too high or too low. You can also attach an external keyboard to avoid discomfort and add a mouse on your accessories.

2.    Find Comfort for Occasional Usage

Even when you only use your laptops just occasionally, you are still prone to some injuries and some discomfort. First find the most comfortable position in which you can neutralize the usage of your wrist and neck. It is not advisable to lie down.

3.    Consider the Size of your Laptop

Many of us invest on netbooks since it is more portable. However, the smaller the screen size, the smaller the visuals would be. Although you can adjust this on the display options, it is still best to consider the inconvenience of a smaller laptop size.  The size of the keyboard also affects ergonomic issues.



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O nmero de turistas japoneses que visitam Pequim caiu pela metade nos sete primeiros meses do ano, em meio a tenses entre Japo e China, segundo dados da www.internet-mercado.com/pequim-perde-turistas-e…


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Władze Tajwanu zamierzają rozbudować port w Kaohsiung o nowy terminal, dzięki któremu zwiększona zostanie przepustowość. Rozpoczęcie projektu planowane jest w 2012 r., a zakończenie budowy przewidziane zostało na rok 2014.

San Zhi to opuszczone miasto na peryferiach Taipei. Futurystyczne budowle z lat 80-tych przyciągają uwagę. W czasie powstawania miasteczka miało miejsce kila śmiermietlnych wypadków i zaniechano dalszych prac. Dziś to miejsce mogłoby jedynie posłużyć do zabaw w chowanego.
  • awatar LuLu.: Szkoda. Mogłoby być tam naprawdę ciekawie...
  • awatar Malinowa Mężatka: czytałam o tym miejscu dobrą książke, całkiem podejrzane co tam się działo i bardzo ciekawe...pzdr :)
  • awatar gość: świetne miejsce! Szkoda, że nie odbudują go ...
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An aboriginal tribe in Taiwan starts classes to pass on its fading traditions of witchcraft to a younger generation..The teachers are elders in their 70s and 80s who want to pass on their skills. .The Paiwan's religion involves many gods: the god of Dawu Mountain, their homeland in southern Taiwan; the god of agriculture; the mountain protector

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