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Wygląda na to, że polska #Wikipedia będzie miała okazję zaczernić swoje #strony. Decyzja została podjęta: 26 stycznia Polska podpisze Anti-#Counterfeiting #Trade #Agreement (ACTA), otoczone kontrowersjami międzynarodowe porozumienie mające na celu tępienie #piractwa i podrabiania towarów. Informacje o terminie podpisania porozumienia pochodzą z #Twitter.a polskiego oddziału #Internet Society.


In these tough economic times, with the money situation very tight, earning some extra income is a great boon. We think that saving on our expenses and investing that money sensibly would bring fortunes. But there are some who are tempted to invest in the stocks at a low price and expect higher returns in future time, but if the stocks stumble further, we will lose that money as well.  Automated forex - bestforextips.biz  is actually a new way of trading, which is actually an automated software - blogoforex.info  and is capable of executing trades on your account even in your absence.

It is seen how earlier trading systems required one to spend long hours to keep a watch on the screens so as to decide on the trading set-up to act upon by you. Even if we miss a trade, we are most likely to incur a loss. So it becomes necessary to act in the most swiftest and accurate manner so as to gain higher returns.  Therefore automated forex has been lapped up by hedge funds managers, high profile traders and leading banks. It is quite simple to install and configure with the help of the expert advisor on your account to automatically execute a strategy for trading.

With the automated forex successfully installed, one can trade for almost 24 hours all around, which will also help in increasing the trading potential as one is able to benefit from the profit through the market moves, when you would not be able to trade. Even if you are not able to keep a watch 24 hours, any potential positive movement in the market would be noticed and the profit generated will be automatically credited to your account. With the help of automated forex, one is able to quickly diversify across many different currencies as well.


The world of Forex trading - forexdaytradingstrategy.net  is undoubtedly interesting and sounds lucrative to all, but before you finalize about any deal and transaction, you ought to keep certain facts about forex trading in mind. The first aspect to ponder is your reason behind choosing to invest in this field of trading. Make sure that your reasons and purpose behind the same are feasible and practical enough to support you financially.

There are various factors which play a crucial role about Forex trading, of which your financial capability is very important. If you are a beginner in this field, it is suggested to open a mini forex account and pick up speed accordingly with expertise and increased knowledge. However, if you want to earn a good return from the same, the amount and dimension of the account should be greater than usual and the decision will lie upon your goals. When it comes to know about forex trading, all investors are advised to make a strategic development plan about their steps and moves which includes analyzing and evaluating the trends and markets thoroughly before taking any steps in haste or impulse. Financial experts always suggest forex investors to gain and gather in-depth knowledge and information about forex trading from all relevant and reliable sources, before being a part of this industry which requires calculation, speculation and analysis.

Remember to use an amount on forex - sg-forextrader.com  trading which you can afford to lose and also learn to accept and let go off slight losses in this trade as it is the commonest thing about forex trading. Last but not the least, be a disciplined trader and do not rely on lose and baseless rumors or panic mongers; do not trade on impulse and follow your individual instinct and intellect before investing, as it is seldom a child"s play to be successful in this trade of currencies.

Film o przemycie z Meksyku dziewczynek i młodych kobiet oraz późniejszej sprzedaży ich w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Skupia się na historii porwanej Adrianny. Jej starszy brat, chce ją odszukać. Po drodze napotyka policjanta, który postanawia mu pomóc. Film dobry. Nieco nudnawy, ale nadrabia w miarę dobrym zakończeniem. W filmie w roli Polki Weroniki, która w czasie przesiadki w drodze do Los Angeles ląduje w Meksyku i również zostaje porwana, występuje Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, ale zarówno ona jak i jej postać nie wyróżnia się niczym szczególnym.

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The killing of Africa’s elephants for their ivory tusks is an old problem that has escalated in recent years as China forges growing links with Africa. The Chinese who have come to the continent in skyrocketing numbers — as workers, entrepreneurs and tourists — are said to be fuelling the illegal trade.

Link: www.globalpost.com/(…)illegal-ivory-trade-ethiopia…


Many Chinese tourist attractions are secretly operating as fronts for illegal tiger farming, butchering captive tigers for the multibillion-dollar black market in wildlife parts, conservationists say.

Link: news.nationalgeographic.com/(…)index.html…


The cap-and-trade bill that passed the House and is still pending in the Senate will increase food prices by 4.5 percent by 2050 by encouraging landowners to re-forest 59 million acres of farmland by that time. SecAg Tom Vilsack knows it and now wants to hide that inconvenient truth.

Link: www.examiner.com/x-28973-Essex-County-Conservati…


NEW YORK — A military band played and sailors fired off cannons as the Navy began a ceremony to commission its newest assault ship forged with tons of steel from the World Trade Center.

Link: www.nj.com/(…)navy_will_commission_uss_new_y.html…


This helps to explain how females defend their territory just as successfully as males despite their smaller claws

Link: www.newscientist.com/(…)dn18103-crabs-trade-sex-for…


A Ford employee has been charged with stealing its trade secrets for the Chinese, according to the U.S. Attorney. He has been charged with theft of trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets and unauthorized access to a protected computer.

Link: detnews.com/(…)Ford-employee-arrested-for-stealing-…



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