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Autor: Jane Roma  

Close your eyes. The world of dreams is calling. Forget about today’s problems, you will think about them tomorrow. After all everything that you want to tell about is already in the past. It is a grain of sand in a scale of our universe. Just close your eyes… And let Lu do his job. This cute dream carrier is ready to sell his soul to the devil for a ward’s satisfaction… but at the same time he will buy it back once his personal dream gets at stake.


"This volume is respectfully dedicated to Professor Tadeusz Majda, a renowned scholar in the fields of Oriental Studies and Art History. His numerous publications attest to his preeminent scholarly standing. But it is not the high number of his books and articles that alone mark him as a true teacher and a man of knowledge. It is the position he holds among his learned colleagues; the intense interest in his works shown by his disciples and students; the respect that he has earned among the public; and his values, wisdom, and gentle sense of humour that have all made him a true scholar, one to be followed. And of course there is his admirable elegance and charm. The scholarly fields represented by Professor Majda, Oriental Studies with a special focus on Turkology and the history of Oriental Art — mainly the art of the Middle East — are disciplines which require skills in multiple languages, a knowledge of history, a love of literature, a taste for the arts, an interest in Asia and many other traits and qualities, all of which have been acquired by Professor Majda.

(from Preface by Agata Bareja-Starzyńska)"


Autor: Anna Michałowska-Mycielska  

The Council of Lithuanian Jews (Lithuanian Vaad) was the central representative organ of the Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It operated for nearly one and a half centuries (1623-1764), touching all spheres of the Jewish community's life. It undertook important initiatives for the benefit of its constituency at diets and dietines (legislative assemblies of the nobility), at the courts of the King and important magnates, and in non-Jewish courts of law. This book discusses the Council's activities in the context of processes and phenomena present in Jewish society of the time, illustrating the life of Lithuanian Jewry as a separate estate guided by a common sense of identity transcending local affiliation.


Autor: Joanna Wierszycka  


Do we like phrasal verbs? Are we afraid of phrasal verbs? Who is “we”? Who is afraid of phrasal verbs? We, the learners of English. For learners of English phrasal verbs (PVs) are reportedly difficult to learn (see e.g. Darwin and Gray 1999) to the extent of being underused or avoided. Why therefore bother? The aim of this book is to verify Kamińska's (2005) study results, indicating that Polish learners of English do not avoid PVs, contrary to other English learners. Why PVs themselves? PVs are extremely common in native speech, and are therefore higly desirable by English non-natives.

Chapter by chapter, PV structure and semantics are discussed and analyses performed. Also, corpus linguistics is called for as the framework, within which the study is performed. Particular attention is paid to the Polish part of the LINDSEI corpus (Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage), as the source of linguistic evidence. Semantic analysis of the extracted PVs based on the notion of compositionality (see Celce-Murcia and Larsen-Freeman 1999; Armstrong 2004) constitutes the main part of the empirical chapter. The analysis was possible thanks to an important asset of this book, namely the POS-tagged PLINDSEI corpus. POS-tagging enabled the verification of the study by Kamińska (2005) because it automated the process of extraction making it reliable at the same time. It needs to be stressed that for spoken learner data to be POS-tagged with high accuracy, the CLAWS tagger (Garside 1987) needed to be trained. The result is a POS-tagged corpus with 98.5% accuracy. Following the findings, assumptions about the low use of phrasal verbs by learners are pointed to. In order to remedy learners' avoidance of phrasal verbs, a new way of PV presentation in popular English coursebooks is suggested.

The research questions posed are the following:

   Do learners avoid PVs? In the case of avoidance, is it statistically significant?
   Is the proportion of idiomatic (to non-idiomatic) PVs smaller in the learner group in comparison to the native group?
   Is there an observable rising trend of idiomatic compositionality in both speaker groups?
   Are there significant discrepancies in the number of phrasal verb tokens used by individual learners due to variation in exposure to the English language, defined as years studying English in a classroom situation?
   Are there significant discrepancies in the number of phrasal verb tokens used by individual learners due to variation in exposure to the English language, defined as time spent in an English-speaking country?


Autor: Wojciech Filaber  

„Achieve Inner Peace with Meditation: Techniques, Benefits and Inspirational Teachers” Wojciech Filaber - all through the times, all over the world, there have been seekers of the truth, many of which dedicated their lives to searching the true meaning of life. These prominent masters were aware that there is ‘’something’’ within each individual that allows to achieve a state of inner peace and contentment. Their effort and interest in allowed them to awaken to discover the true state of one’s inner being. Hours spend on mediation enabled them to release their mind from any external disturbances and concentrate on their experiences within. How to discover the true source of ones being? How one does seeks the truth about the nature of one’s own being in the world? How to access the paradigm within oneself that allows being more at peace? This position is throughout overview for those who are simply interested in the benefits meditation can offer and those who are looking for comprehensive knowledge on this topic. This book is dedicated to the most prominent meditation masters and people who are keen on reflecting on their own life. Open it and you will invite yourself to internal reflection.

This book is ideal source of information that demonstrates the benefits of meditation and how it can significantly improve the quality of one’s mental health and ultimately one’s life. Based on the combined years of experience of masters of meditation this book illustrates what mediation truly is.

The description of the author:
Wojciech Filaber first travelled to Thailand in 2004 and became interested in meditation and Buddhism. Since that journey, he has decided to concentrate on his own evolution. While studying at Middlesex University, he developed a passion in meditation and especially spiritual development. Opportunity to learn from the greatest masters of mediation allowed him to learn how to become reflexive in life and gain valuable knowledge on the topic of meditation.


Autor: Karolina Jekiełek  

"The Navel Monster is a story of a newly-born and asymmetrically legged monster, which is driven by the unknown to find its master. The book accounts for the monster’s adventures and depicts its journey in which it learns the world. The book is full of funny situations as the monster does not speak, yet it understands the speech.

The story is dedicated to kids aged 6-8, although any other child or adult may take pleasure in the reading. It is a must-read to all who love adventure, mystery and humour.

Karolina Jekielek is a published English teacher, an owner of a private language institute Home Tutor. She publishes articles for Oxford Magazine on digital teaching, literacy, creativity, and XXI century skills. Karolina Jekielek is an ardent supporter of personalizing and individualizing teaching. Her writing career began in 2012 when she published her first book for English teachers. Then, she decided to meet the demands of her students, who demanded simplified readings."


Autor: Kasia Rain  

Zapraszam Cię do cudownego świata zdrowego i prostego jedzenia. Jest to miejsce pełne dobrych wibracji i pasji do zdrowej i smacznej żywności.

Jeśli dopiero zaczynasz się zapoznawać ze zdrową żywnością, miej pewność, że książka „Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain” odmieni Twoje życie i w ciągu zaledwie kilku dni zaczniesz czuć się znakomicie, a Twoje ciało podziękuje Ci za wprowadzone zmiany.

Przygotowałam dla Ciebie obszerną kolekcję zdrowych i prostych przepisów, które pozwolą Ci na przygotowanie bardzo smacznych i łatwych posiłków oraz przekąsek na każdy dzień tygodnia! Korzystając z tej książki nauczysz się nie tylko jak zdrowo jeść i zmienić swój styl życia, ale również tego jak cieszyć się naturalną żywnością.

Składniki są bardzo proste i szybko przekonasz się, że pojawiają się one wielokrotnie w różnych przepisach. Nie musisz wykupić całego sklepu spożywczego, żeby przyrządzać smaczne i zdrowe dania; jak sugeruje tytuł książki, chodzi o to, by gotowanie było zdrowe i proste!

Kiedy zaczniesz już korzystać z przepisów, stwierdzisz, że zdrowe odżywianie wcale nie musi być nudne, bez smaku, drogie lub skomplikowane. Największym problemem, z którym zawsze zmagałam się korzystając z innych przepisów na zdrowe dania, było to, że bardzo często ich przygotowanie wymagało wiele przygotowań, składników i czasu.

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Autor: Łukasz Bogucki   Stanisław Goźdź-Roszkowski   Piotr Stalmaszczyk  

Scholarship in translation studies is these days developing at an unprecedented rate, as the field is becoming ever more diversified and specialized. This volume aims at disseminating up-to-date knowledge about translation and interpreting and providing easy access to a wide selection of topics ranging from translation fundamentals (e.g. equivalence, translating procedures, translation competence) specialized and domain-specific translation (e.g. Audiovisual Translation, Legal Translation, Literary Translation or Medical Translation), translation tools (machine translation, CAT)to different translation methodologies and perspectives (e.g. Cognitive Approaches, Corpora and Descriptive TS).The book is intended primarily for undergraduate students but it should be of interest to anyone with a professional or personal interest in the problems of translation and interpreting.

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Autor: Erika Swyler  

Cudowna powieść o potędze książek, rodziny i magii

Simon Watson, młody bibliotekarz, mieszka samotnie w domu, który powoli osuwa się do zatoki Long Island. Jego matka utonęła w jej wodach, a młodsza siostra Simona, Enola, uciekła do cyrku.

Pewnego czerwcowego dnia, Simon dostaje tajemniczą starą księgę – uszkodzony przez wodę i nadwątlony przez czas dziennik właściciela wędrownego cyrku z końca osiemnastego wieku. Odnotowano w nim dziwne, magiczne zdarzenia – w tym utonięcie cyrkowej syreny. Od tego czasu w każdym pokoleniu w rodzinie Simona tonie „syrena”. Zawsze dwudziestego czwartego lipca. Ten dzień zbliża się wielkimi  krokami…

Czy nad rodziną Simona ciąży klątwa i co to ma wspólnego z księgą? Czy Simonowi uda się rozwiązać zagadkę na czas i uratować Enolę?

Erika Swyler, absolwentka New York University, pisarka i autorka sztuk, publikuje w periodykach literackich i antologiach. Urodziła się i wychowała na północnym wybrzeżu Long Island. Prowadzi kulinarny blog na platformie Tumblr Cookie Dough & Regret: Baking and Shame (ieatbutter.tumblr.com). Księga wieszczb jest jej pierwszą powieścią.

Oszałamiający debiut. Ta ekscentryczna, niecodzienna i urzekająca powieść wciągnęła mnie od pierwszej strony.

Sara Gruen, autorka U brzegu i Woda dla słoni

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Wiky the Metal-Punk!: Siemanko :D.
Tercji przypadły do gustu moje zawodowe. Kiedy jednak zabrałam ją na polski, doświadczyła lekkiego szoku. Akurat mamy tematy związane z II wojną światową. Zapytałam się jej, czy chce się o tym uczyć. Powiedziała, że mimo, iż to straszne co działo się w Auschwitz chce wiedzieć więcej. Postanowiła też poczytać Opowiadania Borowskiego oraz lekcję z podręcznika, by dogłębniej zrozumieć temat. Nadal nie może pojąć tego jak ludzie potrafią być okrutni wobec innych...
Tercja z książką.jpg

Tercja z książką2.jpg

A tak przy okazji jakieś dwa dni temu (16.02.2016r.) nasz kot, Maniek wytarzał się na dworze w jakimś, za przeproszeniem, gównie i śmierdział jak stary cap... Przylazł do domu cały mokry i normalnie takim mułem dawał... Nie pozostało nic innego jak wykąpać go. A wiecie jak większość kotów reaguje na wodę. Biedny... No ale przynajmniej teraz już nie śmierdzi :D.
Maniek miauczy.jpg

Maniek się kąpie.jpg

Przydałby się jakiś nowy kawałek, dawno nie było :D.
Sabaton - "To Hell And Back". Cholernie polecam! :D.
  • awatar pнanтaѕмagoria.: Biedny kot... no ale sam sobie winien :D
  • awatar Wiky the Metal-Punk!: @pнanтaѕмagoria.: No niestety... Mógł nie próbować nowych "perfum". Nie przypadły nam do gustu xD.
  • awatar Mian: Trecja niech się kształci :D Ale cudowny kociak <3 Biedaczek. Hah, zwrot "cholernie polecam" do Sabatona jest najbardziej trafiony :D
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