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First time I am disappointed in the original story, rather than a movie based on it. I am talking about 'Girl, Interrupted' by Susanna Kaysen.

I haven't heard about the book unless I watched the movie. The movie was so amazing that not only I've watched it few times, I also have decided to read the book. Turns out - this was a waste of time. Except for maybe one element - Alice arrival to the hospital (the only interesting part in the whole book), the book was nothing in comparison to the movie.

I mostly talk about main characters - Susanna, Lisa and Daisy. These characters are not shown to be as interesting as they are in the movie, specially Lisa. Many scenes were made up e.g. the stay of Lisa and Susanna at Daisy's after they fleed from the hospital.

It was utter disappointment. I do not recommend.


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