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#Ground - #Taniec z Piłką

W tym meczu piłkarskim zmierzyły się Ground  i  Taniec z Piłką

alebramka.pl Najnowsze klipy bramek piłkarskich. Wszystkie mecze ligowe i międzynarodowe.

Marines pieszczotliwie mówią o nim "Joker" - pojazd waży 72 tony, jest wyposażony w silnik o mocy ponad 1500 koni mechanicznych, służy to "rozbrajania" pól minowych i walki z minami oraz bombami-pułapkami. Wkrótce pierwsze modele trafi

Link: www.kciuk.pl/Zabawka-dla-duzych-chlopcow-a5498

The shift is widely described as generational. A Gallup poll in October found 44% of Americans favor full legalization of marijuana -- a rise of 13 points since 2000. Gallup said that if public support continues growing at a rate of 1 to 2% per year, "the majority of Americans could favor legalization of the drug in as little as four years."

Link: www.washingtonpost.com/(…)AR2009112201986.html…


Just realized that FriendFeed’s charm is declining after the Facebook acquisition. The one of its king Social Network has lost almost 30% of its US visitors in Sep alone. This comes after a good growth in August from July numbers. Here is a graph from Compete.com.

Link: socialmedia.globalthoughtz.com/(…)facebook-owned-fr…


A new, dinosaur-eating pterosaur provides fresh evidence for a controversial type of evolution. A vast collection of broken dinosaur bones unearthed in southeast Utah indicates they were smashed underfoot by other dinosaurs shortly after they died, according to paleontologists.

Link: dsc.discovery.com/(…)dino-stomping-ground.html…



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