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portal polskieradio: Microsoft zrezygnował z przeglądarki internetowej - Wiadomości - polskieradio.pl rdir.pl/1mddxg #Microsoft #IE6

Z dedykacją dla MRU.pinger.pl, On lubi takie klimaty.

(Gdy to zobaczyłam parsknęłam >:D ).

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Internet Explorer 6 has finally been surpassed by Firefox according to the latest worldwide market share numbers. Details inside.

Link: arstechnica.com/(…)october-2009-browser-stats-firef…


Na stronie www.newtoyork.com/about/ można znaleźć następującą notkę dla użytkowników Internet Explorer 6:

“Hi, if you are coming to this site via Internet Explorer 6, you might not be getting the best experience possible. Honestly, I can't even begin to think about what your entire experience on the internet must be like? (...probably like riding a bike on the highway while cars blow by you on their way to Costco to get gallons of mayonnaise and 60-inch plasma TV's). How will you ever be able to use this website?????? You wont. You're an asshole and your browser is an asshole. So look, I'm going to be honest: I kind of hate you. BUT we c-a-n make this work. Here is what I am going to need you to do: fire up your Toshiba ShitBook© that weighs about 45 pounds, wipe the Cheeto dust off the screen, download Safari, delete Internet Explorer from your computer, punch yourself in the face, and get me a pulled pork sandwich. ”

  • awatar Karol Manikowski: bardzo, bardzo dobre :) ps. ja też poproszę o kanapkę ;-)
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“Dropping support for IE6 is not an option because we committed to supporting the IE included with Windows for the lifespan of the product.”

  • awatar muzyka: co za pitolenie bez sensu... to co się działo z IE przez ostatnie lata, M$ o ie zapomniał a gdy ludzie mówią że śmierdzi wtedy nagle się obudzili?
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“IE6 saw life in 2001. True, it took Microsoft about 5 years to release the next one, but this is 2009. IE8 is here along with loads of other good browsers. It's time to move on!”



“Nieznana jest konkretna data zakończenia obsługi IE6, jednak gdy to nastąpi, użytkownicy tej przeglądarki przestaną mieć dostęp do materiałów wideo, zaś na stronie wyświetlą się odnośniki do trzech alternatywnych przeglądarek - IE8, Firefox 3.0 oraz Chrome.”



“Now one Twitter user, James Lynch (@lynchjames) has seized the momentum and taken matters into his own hands. Specifically, he has used Twibbon, a service that overlays a small icon onto your profile picture, to create a Twitter petition to rally support for ending the use of IE6. Now, the Twibbon petition is gaining steam, as nearly a dozen people a minute are adding a “No to IE6″ image to their profile pictures.”



“Now, if you’re wondering why people still use the outdated IE6 browser, there are two primary reasons most people point to: the fact that it is the standard browser of Windows XP (which is still the most used operating system around), and the fact that many corporate IT departments don’t see the need to upgrade – and find upgrading to be too much of a hassle. Without a significant event like Google not loading in IE6, people have stayed content with their current browser.”



“Here at Digg, like most sites, the designers, developers, and QA engineers spend a lot of time making sure the site works in IE6, an eight-year-old browser superseded by two full releases. It consumes time that could be spent building the future of Digg. Here’s what we’re gonna do — and not do — about it.”



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