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One of the members from the band from the post below - Jamie Smith- has recently started creating remixes using pseudonym Jamie XX(even though The XX did not officially disintegrated, they have not provide for a long time).

In late 2010, a Jamie xx remix of the song "NY Is Killing Me" from Gil Scott-Heron's last album "I'm New Here" aired on radio stations across the UK and Europe. The remix of "I'll Take Care of U" followed in January 2011. Both singles drew the attention of the general public and the critics. They set the way for a 13-track remix album entitled "We're New Here", produced entirely by Jamie xx and credited to "Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx".
The 1st of June this year was the premiere of Jamie's album "In Color".

This music is so amazing <3

.. and with friend from old band ;)


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