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One of the sports that is well liked by people for a long period of time is boxing and this game is stay alive for a long period and when you consider olden days boxing, there were not many number of boxing equipments and only the familiar item for boxer was boxing gloves. They wear … Continue reading Boxing headgear- the essential protector for boxers www.computer-product-equipment.biz/boxing-headge…

Trailer filmu Buffalo Girls, opowiadającego historię dwóch dziewczynek walczących na ringach muay thai chcą wyżyć i pomóc bezrobotnym rodzicom.

Link: www.kciuk.pl/Dziewczynki-walcza-dla-pieniedzy-na…

These cats can straight-up brawl...and I can't look away. In round 1 I thought the taller guy was throwing the fight. Guess not...

Link: thecagedoctors.com/2009/12/midget-muay-thai-fighters/



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