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My cat is mean and mischievous.

The end.

It's really fucking annoying. What I mean is, when you do not want to play with him - he will start biting you. When you tell him not to do something - he will do it even more often. He drives me crazy. And he bites - this is the worst, it really hurts even though this is just a tiny little kitten.

I've read a bit about what can I do about it:

* establish a routine;
* avoid direct eye contact;
* communication via voice and not hands (I've always thought cats will understand more via body language but apparently thats not the case)
* play with the cat a lot and use treats when its appropiate
and the most important...
* do not force affection onto them - I might be mean on this, but this is something I will defnitely struggle..

What is interesting - teaching cats some tricks will eradicate aggressive behaviour. The training sessions must be short as cats get bored easily.

ALPHA cat - the one that I will not accept:

- bullies and manipulates;
- bites you when they want something;
- overly protective of their food and toys;
- only lets you pet them when they demand it;
- have outbursts of aggression without a reason;

* do not respond to any attention seeking (whether positive or negative), in time they will learn they cannot just demand what they want, whenever they want
* pet your cat only when they've earned it and use petting as a positive reinforcement any time they show good behaviour....

I will try to make these rules a reality to show this little crap some boundaries -.-


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