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MOTTO: The exemplary nourishing the cells of organism, is: OBLIGATORY standard.  *****

The so-called for intelligent man should ACCEPT every conditioning of our nature, evolution imposed RULES.  This is a difficult problem, but without investigations; blood, secretion, excretion, elements of hair, it is absolutely impossible.

On smell and sense, also presumption. Who will ask the hard work and examine how increases in blood sugar levels in different products, the impact of fat and how, ie in what amount is deposited, how the body affects on many kinds of proteins, etc., are the results for all the people are almost identical possibly a small scale technical error.

Classifying foods into categories taking into account the amount of fat, high carbohydrate, low carbohydrate, ie, those that foster the emergence of obesity and type 2 diabetes and which are not, and the remaining ingredients. Is relatively easy to familiarize yourself with the food tables  by the so-called NUTRITIONAL  INDEX, ie IN of the product. It's enough to DECIDE yourself to easy selection of components of own diet , which is fortunately ,the solution of the problem difficult to combat both diseases . The family doctor definitely confirm it too.

We set three essential/24h meals. 1. Breakfast. 2. Lunch. 3. Dinner.

BREAD type KR-IRL, as an energetic stabilization of blood sugar levels as well as products and tables recommended by the so-called permitted NI product. Example: Bread type kr-irl 1-1.5 slices. 100-200 grams Smoked Cod. Smoked sprats 2-5 pc 0.5 pc Tomato, Onion 0.5-1 pc fresh egg boiled 1 piece Rock salt. Tea with lemon (a lot of juice) 300 ml. Instant coffee with caffeine 200 ml.

Example: Rice 1-3 tablespoons cooked, beans and giants 3-10 pcs These two components are the primary stabilizer of glucose. Other additions to the dinner table to select the recommended and allowed by the so-called. NI product. For example, lean fish saithe 50-200 grams cooked by steaming, 50-150 grams sauerkraut, potato 0-1 pc, fresh onion pieces 0.5-1 pc rock salt.

Example: Bread, type KR-IRL 0.5-1 slices, beans, 2-10 pc giants as 2 components stabilize blood sugar levels. Smoked fish such as bloater 0.5 pc cucumber onion 1 piece fresh 0.5-1 pc rock salt. Tea and coffee as above. Other beverages according to the tables in the book.

Alcaline creative lemon juice effectively eliminates the feeling of hunger or sucking in empty stomach for 24 hours, which allows to exclude the so-called snacking snacks. Simply we do not feel hunger. Breakfast is not NEVER decrease. However, the volume decrease lunch and dinner until we start to feel hungry about 5-6 hours. in the morning. Then we introduce to the diet 4 meal so called before breakfast.

Example: Bean giants 5-10 pcs, pickled cucumber 1 pc, 1 pc apple. *****

Lunch and dinner. However, from these two still reducing meals so known stabilizers in the blood glucose level does not eliminate. It is absolutely FORBIDDEN because these products are a major source of natural energy for our body cells, especially nerve cells in the brain. Get any additional information by calling the institute: IRL KRAKOW, where for any findings and clarify the fee is mandatory, only the word: thank you.

Any replacement of glucose stabilizers and other components supporting our meals we select from tables by the so-called. NI. Effective and worth! The last word, of course is always to our family doctor.

We eat low fat and, 0% negative TOXINS, energy, carbohydrates, only 26% of growth, ie. LOW carbohydrates. Foods with a proper selection of proteins, as well as extremely important, do not contain toxins and poisons that slow our bodies. Tables, permitted and prohibited complete proper identification of natural truths.

Biologically correct proteins, minimum fat content, carbohydrates to 13% of growth (very low growth after eating), and 0% of toxins.

Biologically correct proteins, small amount of fat, carbohydrates to 26% of growth (anti-diabetic safe growth), the minimum content of toxins.

Biologically abnormal proteins, too much fat, carbohydrates, an increase 26.01% -74% growth (increase in large and very large), and too many toxins and poisons that slow our bodies.

Due to large quantities of alkaline creative juice of lemon / 24h, to effectively neutralize the digestive acids in order to eliminate the empty stomach HUNGER, is another phenomenal in its simplicity and obviousness determination at the institute: IRL KRAKOW.

BREAD type KR-IRL. Alternatives are: Bread for osteoporosis, BREAD for OBESITY, BREAD for diabetes. Shortening; NI  product. Full name is: NOURISHMENT  INDEX, ie NI of the  product.

80% of ENERGY (low carbohydrates), antiobesity (very satiating), antidiabetic (sugar level to 26% of growth). In whole human history MANKIND (7 MLD), didn’t so far create so valuable and biological correct NOURISHMENT  PRODUCT.

Quantity of consumed food must be strictly adapted to the lifestyle or in other words to body's own energy needs. The most important stabilizer levelling energy shortages in humans is undoubtedly KR-IRL type BREAD. It is also advisable to consume 2.5-4 pieces of lemon per day. Lemon juice neutralizes the acidity of an empty stomach reducing our appetite.

NOURISHMENT  INDEX, and; GLYCEMIC  INDEX, are two different views on the realities of nature. NI , is the identification of the evolutionary nature of achievements, that is, the sphere of facts. GI; are virtual views, misinformation, hypocrisy, and business.

The Book, title. PORADNIK  ŻYWIENIOWY człowieka w XXI wieku.  *****
Second Edition: an updated and supplemented.
Chapter No. R33 includes a set of exercises to MUSCLES ABOUT SPINAL COLUMNS, which in the practical implementation of the individual, eventually solve the problem of back pain in humans and the so-called shape. A flat stomach.
Shortcut page address in the Internet: INSTYTUTIRL
ADRES: www.instytutirl.com.pl/index9.php

Research INSTYTUTE of name. Prof. Richard Lorenc w Krakow. Dr. Ing. Jarosław MICHAŁ, phone:  +48 12 359 70 15, phone/fax:  +48 12 358 77 30,  Info: INSTYTUT  IRL  KRAKÓW, Mon.-Fri. 10:00-17:00

Please just note that the content of this article are the identification of phenomena that are evolved by nature, and everyone can confirm these truths. The value represent the results of laboratory tests, rather than continually repeating empty platitudes, biological lies, or simply vulgar lies. It is also about the fact that we constantly talk about the spread of diseases so called. plague of obesity and type 2 diabetes plague as diseases of civilization.

And easy to confirm. Only then can we speak of civilization, as a concept, because the same word repeated many times without any substantive explanation refines nothing, but rather hinders a precise and logical assessment of biological truths.

Man's wisdom lies in respecting the achievements of nature and not changing its rules. My intention is to transfer this knowledge, because our own lives we realize HERE AND NOW. The author: Dr. Jarosław MICHAL; consultant at IRL  INSTITUTE  CRACOW.

The above content courtesy of the author, posted:  as above  *****

Lemon is alkaline creative (4), although this acid !
100 g of lemon juice contains 600 mg of citric acid, 15 mg calcium, 9 mg of manganese, 0.1 mg iron, 10 mg phosphorus, 40 mcg of vitamin B1. Source identification evidence, Title: Do you know what you eat, Author: Justin Gumowska, Ed. ALFA W-wa 1989. Reviewer: prof. MD Julian Aleksandrowicz. Page No 159 Dried Apricots PS are also alkaline creative until 60! (recommended: the so-called. heartburn and the acidity). Source ibid. Page No. 170th

Note the use of lemon, salt and onions.
These last two kill pathogenic bacteria in our bodies and we have therefore more glucose energy for ourselves. Lemon cannot allow to be extra hungry. Their (IRL  KRAKOW) findings are so elementary as to be EXCITING.

Biology, medicine.



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