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Wpis tylko dla znajomych

Wpis tylko dla znajomych


Wpis tylko dla znajomych

Wpis tylko dla znajomych


Wpis tylko dla znajomych

Wpis tylko dla znajomych


W sądzie trwa rozprawa rozwodowa, a dokładniej sprawa o przyznanie opieki nad dzieckiem. Matka (jeszcze żona, już nie kochanka) wstała i jasno dała do zrozumienia sędziemu, że dzieci należą się jej. To ona je urodziła, więc to są jej dzieci. Sędzia zwrócił się do męża, co on ma do powiedzenia. Maż przez chwilę milczał, po czym powoli podniósł się z krzesła i rzekł: - Panie sędzio, kiedy wkładam złotówkę do automatu ze słodyczami i wypada z niego batonik, to czy batonik należy do mnie, czy do automatu?

"You learn, she's recently been told they have Cancers, along with the girl has been a real healthful person! inches It is a affirmation we appear to be listening to a lot of presently. From figuring out another person, whom knew somebody together with Melanoma, this particular ailment have been scattering to such an magnitude that you know someone in our quick group of friends living alongside Melanoma. In fact, Cancers could be the minute maximum mindblowing inside Asia, just after heart attacks.

In The indian subcontinent, Medical professional Arvind Kumar, go regarding Initiate regarding Automatic Surgical procedure in Friend Ganga Good old ram Medical, Delhi promises that will Melanoma accounts for 700, 000 deaths having 1. 1 zillion new conditions yearly. Likewise, you'll find above 3 mil people being affected by Cancer in virtually any given day. Even more, the ICMR (Indian Council involving Health-related Research) has observed in which pretty much 1, three hundred Cancers individuals pass away daily. The research additionally revealed of which men are generally exposure higher instances connected with melanoma in Lung area, Belly, Oesophagus along with Jaws, whilst ladies usually are afflicted largely by simply cancer within the Teat, Cervix, Lips along with Oesophagus.

What on earth is Cancer?

Most cancers simply may be the abnormal development regarding tissues within our system which usually assault wholesome cellular material which enables it to result in a hazardous progress called the cancer. When left with no treatment, these kinds of unnatural cellular material distributed towards tissue and other parts of the body, increasing the actual section of the sickness. There are above 100 sorts of Most cancers which often can impact your body in numerous means.

Reasons behind Cancer

There isn't any standard cause of cancer malignancy, however there are particular problems that heighten a person's chances of receiving this condition.

• Less active Lifestyle/ Weight problems: People who tend not to physical exercise frequently are at a new much higher danger regarding Cancer malignancy because of inadequate flow systems which usually in a negative way has effects on your tissues.

• Cigarette smoking: Smoking cigarettes is usually a enormous bring about pertaining to lung as well as mouth cancer malignancy and will always be eliminated at any cost, consequently using tobacco or even biting cigarette smoking simply leaves.

• Sugar: A smaller acknowledged mindblowing, mister is it being held responsible pertaining to quite a few diseases throughout our body, typically Cancer malignancy. This sweet take care of might preference excellent nevertheless carries a unfavorable affect the solar cells, even though furthermore exacerbating bodyweight acquire along with diabetes, both equally which enhance probability of Cancer.

• Refined food: Nutrition is usually non-negotiable regarding health. Take fresh vegatables and fruits permanently eating routine and also eliminate crap in addition to fast food.

• Light publicity: Regular contact with radiation impacts tissues negatively and enhance Melanoma likelihood. Steer clear of extended contact with cell phones and rest with the cellular phone in your cargo area.

• Genealogy and family tree: Genes play a significant element in Cancer, as well as another person having a genealogy and family tree associated with Cancers can be far more vunerable to this specific sickness.

Signs involving Cancers

Using tend to be a number of indications you will need to check for.

• Repeating Nausea

• Unexpected fat loss

• Loss of desire for food

• Our blood inside urine/ stool

• Lumps/ areas in epidermis

• Severe headaches, sometimes coupled with dizziness along with feeling sick

Most of these symptoms can be caused by numerous aspects apart from Most cancers, which in turn causes many individuals to neglect these. Besides most of these popular indicators; chronic breathing problems, tender can range f, weakness along with human body pain are early symptoms regarding Cancer. On the other hand modest a problem may be, as well as recommended to acquire just about any chronic or immediate sign read through immediately because of the Medical doctor. Delayed discovery is often a frequent cause of Most cancers intensity in Of india with ps24.net.pl over 80% involving Cancers individuals enduring on a professional level due to delayed prognosis.

Reduction Suggestions

Healthy dwelling is usually the simplest way to infirmary involving Cancer. Specific precautions along with lifestyle changes can help you keep more healthy and more powerful which has a superior opportunity in blocking this specific sickness.

• Stay clear of Cigarette as well as lower Glucose

• Upward your current absorption of refreshing fruits and vegetables

• Physical exercise on a regular basis

• Steer clear of strain

• Preserve a normal excess weight

• Go for regular check-ups

Though a substantial amount function is it being performed in order to distributed consciousness with regards to battling this specific ailment and also protecting against it, some people elect to stay badly informed out of dread or maybe the belief that they will not end up being influenced. Furthermore, sad to say it is nonetheless regarded some sort of taboo in most homes to express Cancer, causing this being detected from the later development while treatment method receives more difficult. Even so you should understand that though Cancer malignancy seems like the scariest happening, there are solutions along with therapies particularly if found inside initial phases that assist you to go on living your life within a healthy in addition to happy fashion.

"You learn, she's got been recently identified as having Cancer malignancy, and the lady had been a real balanced man or women! inch This is a statement we all are most often reading a lot of these days. From figuring out a person, who knew a person together with Most cancers, this sickness have been distributing to this degree in which we all know someone in our speedy eliptical managing Most cancers. In fact, Cancer malignancy may be the subsequent maximum mindblowing throughout Asia, right after heart violence.

Throughout The indian subcontinent, Dr Arvind Kumar, brain regarding Initiate of Automatic Surgical treatment with Sir Ganga Ram memory Infirmary, Delhi states that will Cancer malignancy accounts for 800, 000 fatalities together with 1. 1 mil brand-new instances annually. Furthermore, you will discover in excess of 3 mil individuals struggling with Cancer in any provided time. More, the ICMR (Indian Local authority or council regarding Health-related Research) possesses observed which pretty much 1, 300 Cancer individuals kick the bucket everyday. The study furthermore showed in which guys usually are reporting increased conditions connected with melanoma throughout Lungs, Belly, Oesophagus in addition to Mouth area, although ladies are usually affected largely simply by types of cancer in the Bust, Cervix, Jaws and Oesophagus.

What's Cancer malignancy?

Cancer malignancy essentially may be the abnormal growth associated with solar cells in our body which usually assault balanced solar cells and may spark a hazardous expansion generally known as the growth. While quit with no treatment, these unnatural cellular material multiply on the tissues as well as other body parts, raising your area of the condition. You will find more than 100 forms of Cancers which can affect your body in various means.

Reasons for Most cancers

There isn't any basic root cause of cancer, but there are certain disorders of which lift someone's probability of obtaining this particular condition.

• Inactive Lifestyle/ Being overweight: People that tend not to exercising on a regular basis have some sort of more achieable chance regarding Most cancers on account of bad blood circulation by the body processes that in a wrong way influences the particular tissues.

• Cigarette smoking: Cigarette smoking is usually a large bring about intended for lung in addition to oral cavity melanoma and may be prevented without exceptions, consequently cigarettes or even nibbling tobacco actually leaves.

• Sugars: A smaller known fantastic, sweets is it being held responsible regarding many illnesses inside our bodies, generally Melanoma. That special handle may flavor beneficial yet has a unfavorable effect on your tissue, though additionally preparing fat gain along with diabetes, both equally that improve chances of Cancer malignancy.

• Junk food: A healthy diet will be non-negotiable regarding a sound body. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables forever eating routine along with eliminate unhealthy as well as fast food.

• The radiation exposure: Continuous exposure to light has effects on cellular material adversely and raise Melanoma chances. Avoid long term exposure to touch screen phones and do not sleeping with the telephone with your sleep.

• Genealogy and family history: Genetics engage in an essential part in Melanoma, and a person which has a family history connected with Most cancers can be additional susceptible to this ailment.

Signs connected with Most cancers

Pursuing are generally certain signs you need to check for.

• Persistent Fever

• Immediate fat reduction

• Loss of urge for food

• Body throughout urine/ stool

• Lumps/ patches in skin tone

• Problems, often coupled with dizziness as well as nausea

Most of these symptoms may be because of several aspects aside from Cancer malignancy, that can cause many people to be able to neglect these. In addition to these frequent indicators; chronic coughing, uncomfortable can range f, fatigue along with system agony may also be beginning signs involving Melanoma. However little a problem might appear, it is usually advisable to get virtually any lingering as well as sudden indicator examined instantly by the Health practitioner. Delayed recognition can be a typical reason for Cancers extent inside Indian using ps24.net.pl in excess of 80% associated with Cancer malignancy individuals struggling in an advanced level due to delayed discovery.

Elimination Tips

Healthful located is usually the easiest method to infirmary associated with Cancers. Specific safety measures and changes in lifestyle may help you be trimmer and also more powerful using a greater opportunity with protecting against this disease.

• Prevent Cigarettes in addition to lessen Sugars

• Upward your intake connected with fresh new fruit and veggies

• Exercising frequently

• Stay clear of strain

• Keep a normal excess weight

• Buy normal check-ups

Although a substantial amount operate has been carried out to be able to distributed recognition in relation to combating this condition and also blocking that, a number of people want to continue being unaware from dread or maybe the belief that they won't become damaged. Also, regrettably it truly is however regarded as any taboo in most people to discuss Melanoma, creating that being found inside later on phases whenever therapy obtains harder. Nonetheless you will need to be aware that though Most cancers seems like the particular scariest occurrence, you can find solutions along with cures particularly if recognized within the beginning that allow you to proceed existing your health inside a balanced and also pleased manner.

"You know, she's got also been told they have Melanoma, along with your lover seemed to be a real wholesome person! inches This can be a statement all of us appear to be reading an excessive amount of presently. Through understanding someone, that realized a person along with Cancer malignancy, this sickness continues to be spreading in order to this kind of degree in which we all believe somebody in this fast group managing Cancer. In fact, Cancers could be the second highest killer in The indian subcontinent, soon after cardiovascular system assaults.

Inside Indian, Dr Arvind Kumar, mind associated with Institute associated with Robotic Surgical procedures on Sir Ganga Ram Infirmary, Delhi statements of which Melanoma is in charge of 900, 000 fatalities together with 1. 1 thousand completely new cases on a yearly basis. Additionally, there are around 3 million individuals affected by Cancers at any kind of presented day. Further, the actual ICMR (Indian Local authority or council connected with Health care Research) offers discovered that will almost 1, more than two hundred Melanoma affected individuals kick the bucket every single day. The study in addition exhibited of which males are canceling higher cases of most cancers within Lungs, Abdomen, Oesophagus in addition to Mouth, while women of all ages usually are affected typically through varieties of cancer in the Bust, Cervix, Mouth and Oesophagus.

What's Cancers?

Cancers essentially is the unnatural increase of cells in our entire body which invasion healthful solar cells and can create a unsafe development known as some sort of cancer. When eventually left unattended, these unnatural tissue spread towards areas along with parts of the body, escalating the particular area of the illness. You will find over 100 forms of Most cancers which could have an impact on one's body in a variety of approaches.

Causes of Cancer malignancy

There is no basic reason for most cancers, yet there are certain problems in which lift one's probabilities of getting that condition.

• Sedentary Lifestyle/ Being overweight: Individuals who don't work out routinely have any more achieable danger pertaining to Cancers caused by inadequate movement in your body which negatively has effects on the actual tissue.

• Smoking cigarettes: Cigarette can be a massive cause regarding lung in addition to oral cavity cancer and really should possibly be averted totally, be it smoking cigarettes as well as gnawing cigarette smoking leaves.

• Glucose: A smaller known killer, sweets will be held responsible pertaining to many conditions in our bodies, mostly Melanoma. This sweet take care of may possibly tastes beneficial however incorporates a negative have an effect on your cellular material, whilst likewise increasing pounds achieve and also diabetes, each that enhance probabilities of Cancers.

• Processed foods: Nutrition is non-negotiable intended for health. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables once and for all eating routine in addition to eliminate unhealthy along with takeaway food.

• Light subjection: Frequent contact with the radiation effects tissue in a wrong way as well as improve Most cancers probabilities. Stay away from continuous contact with cell phones and rest using the telephone on the sleep.

• Family history: Genetic makeup participate in a vital element within Cancer, and also somebody using a ancestors and family history connected with Melanoma is actually far more vunerable to this kind of condition.

Signs and symptoms of Melanoma

Next are usually certain indicators you need to look out for.

• Recurring Fever

• Unexpected weight-loss

• Loss in appetite

• Blood with urine/ feces

• Lumps/ pads about epidermis

• Headaches, often together with dizziness in addition to queasiness

These kind of indicators is usually because of numerous components in addition to Cancers, which causes a lot of people to help disregard these individuals. Apart from these kinds of typical indicators; lingering hacking and coughing, sore can range f, exhaustion along with physique soreness may also be earlier indicators connected with Cancer. Nevertheless modest a difficulty may be, it will always be a good idea to have just about any prolonged or even unexpected indication examined quickly through the Medical doctor. Past due recognition is usually a typical source of Melanoma intensity with Asia together with ps24.net.pl above 80% involving Cancer sufferers hurting on an advanced phase caused by delayed detection.

Prevention Tips

Balanced dwelling will be the best way to infirmary of Cancers. Particular safeguards in addition to lifestyle changes will let you be stronger as well as more robust which has a superior chance at stopping this disease.

• Steer clear of Tobacco as well as minimize Sugar

• Up your own daily allowance associated with clean fruits and veggies

• Exercising frequently

• Prevent tension

• Maintain proper fat

• Go for normal check-ups

However a large number of function is being done for you to multiply attention with regards to dealing with that sickness and also avoiding it, a number of people decide to stay not aware out of anxiety or the fact they will not be affected. Likewise, regrettably it's however regarded a new taboo in certain people to speak about Cancer malignancy, producing this to get recognized within the later stages any time therapy gets tougher. Even so you should realize that even though Cancer malignancy appears like this scariest trend, you'll find cures along with cures especially if found inside the beginning of which enable you to carry on existing your daily life in a healthful as well as delighted way.

"You understand, she has already been diagnosed with Cancer malignancy, as well as she had been a really nutritious individual! inches This can be a assertion all of us look like experiencing a lot of today. Coming from understanding another person, who understood another person using Most cancers, this specific sickness has become dispersing for you to this kind of scope that will you know an individual in your fast group of friends managing Melanoma. In reality, Cancer malignancy would be the subsequent greatest killer in Asia, just after coronary heart attacks.

Throughout India, Doctor Arvind Kumar, scalp connected with Institute connected with Automatic Surgical treatment with Sir Ganga Ram memory Clinic, Delhi claims in which Cancers is liable for seven-hundred, 000 deaths having 1. 1 mil completely new circumstances each year. Furthermore, you can find over 3 zillion patients being affected by Most cancers on almost any granted day. Even more, the actual ICMR (Indian Authorities regarding Health-related Research) features observed which almost 1, 3 hundred Cancer sufferers perish everyday. The study additionally showed of which adult men tend to be canceling increased cases associated with most cancers with Bronchi, Tummy, Oesophagus along with Mouth area, while females usually are affected mainly by simply varieties of cancer from the Busts, Cervix, Mouth and Oesophagus.

What on earth is Cancer malignancy?

Melanoma basically is the excessive progress connected with tissue in our human body that strike wholesome tissue and can create a dangerous expansion known as some sort of tumour. As soon as remaining neglected, these types of unusual tissue propagate towards the tissue as well as other areas of the body, increasing this section of the illness. You will discover over 100 kinds of Cancer which will have an effect on the body in various methods.

Factors behind Cancers

There isn't any simple reason behind melanoma, although there are certain problems which increase your probabilities of receiving this disease.

• Sedentary Lifestyle/ Morbid obesity: People that don't exercising frequently are in the better chance for Most cancers due to poor circulation chemistry which often negatively has effects on your solar cells.

• Cigarettes: Smoking cigarettes can be a enormous result in intended for lung along with oral cavity cancers and will end up being avoided totally, whether smoking cigarettes or even biting cigarette smoking leaves.

• Glucose: A lesser acknowledged killer, glucose will be held accountable for numerous ailments inside the skin, typically Cancer malignancy. This particular lovely treat might tastes great yet features a adverse have an effect on our own cellular material, while also adding to fat acquire and diabetes, equally that increase probabilities of Cancer malignancy.

• Unhealthy food: Nutrition is non-negotiable regarding health. Take fresh new vegetables and fruit permanently diet and also eliminate junk and also takeaway food.

• Radiation publicity: Regular exposure to radiation has effects on tissues in a negative way and also raise Cancer possibilities. Avoid continuous exposure to mobile phones , nor rest using the telephone in your sleep.

• Genealogy and family tree: Genes engage in an important portion within Most cancers, along with an individual with a family history involving Cancers is actually far more susceptible to this specific ailment.

Signs or symptoms associated with Melanoma

Next are generally certain indications you will need to check.

• Recurring Fever

• Unexpected weight-loss

• Loss of hunger

• Blood vessels inside urine/ bar stool

• Lumps/ patches on pores and skin

• Head aches, at times coupled with dizziness as well as queasieness

These kinds of signs might be due to a number of aspects aside from Melanoma, which causes many people to disregard them. In addition to these kinds of frequent indicators; persistent breathing problems, aching neck, weakness and entire body ache are also beginning signs or symptoms associated with Cancers. On the other hand smaller an issue may appear, it will always be advisable to obtain almost any lingering or perhaps abrupt symptom checked out quickly from the Physician. Delayed recognition can be a popular root cause of Most cancers intensity in Of india using ps24.net.pl more than 80% associated with Most cancers individuals hurting from an advanced phase because of later diagnosis.

Reduction Suggestions

Healthy residing is actually the best way to infirmary regarding Cancers. Selected steps and also lifestyle changes may help you remain trimmer and more robust using a much better opportunity in protecting against this ailment.

• Stay away from Tobacco and also lessen Mister

• Up your consumption associated with fresh new fruits and vegetables

• Exercising often

• Avoid stress

• Preserve a normal excess weight

• Opt for typical check-ups

Nevertheless a large amount of operate has performed to propagate recognition with regards to fighting this specific ailment and even protecting against that, a number of people choose to continue being not aware away from worry or the fact they won't be influenced. Additionally, sadly it's however regarded as some sort of taboo using some homeowners to discuss Melanoma, leading to the item to get diagnosed within the later on periods whenever treatment will get more challenging. Even so you will need to know that whilst Most cancers sounds like the actual scariest happening, you will discover cures along with treatment options especially if found within the initial phases that will let you go on existing your daily life within a nutritious along with pleased approach.

"You realize, she's got recently been identified as having Cancer malignancy, along with the lady ended up being a really healthful man or woman! inches That is a statement we seem to be listening to an excessive amount of nowadays. Through knowing a person, who realized a person with Most cancers, this specific disease may be distributing to be able to this magnitude in which you know someone within our fast range experiencing Most cancers. In reality, Most cancers would be the next greatest killer in India, soon after cardiovascular system assaults.

Within The indian subcontinent, Medical professional Arvind Kumar, mind connected with Initiate regarding Robot Surgical procedures with Friend Ganga Ram Medical center, Delhi promises that Melanoma accounts for 900, 000 deaths using 1. 1 zillion fresh circumstances every year. In addition, you can find more than 3 trillion sufferers experiencing Cancers in virtually any presented day. Additionally, your ICMR (Indian Council of Health care Research) has identified of which pretty much 1, more than 200 Cancer people kick the bucket every single day. The study in addition demonstrated which men tend to be canceling higher situations involving cancer malignancy within Voice, Belly, Oesophagus as well as Oral cavity, though girls tend to be impacted largely by means of cancers from the Busts, Cervix, Oral cavity along with Oesophagus.

What on earth is Cancers?

Most cancers essentially will be the irregular development connected with cellular material in your physique that invasion wholesome cellular material and may spark a damaging development referred to as the tumour. Whenever eventually left neglected, these kinds of unusual cells distributed on the cells along with areas of the body, improving the area of the disease. There are in excess of 100 types of Cancer malignancy which could influence one's body in numerous methods.

Factors behind Cancer

There's no standard reason for most cancers, however there are certain ailments that lift your chances of getting this specific illness.

• Inactive Lifestyle/ Morbid obesity: Individuals who usually do not exercising regularly are at the much higher chance regarding Cancer caused by very poor movement in your body that adversely has effects on the particular cellular material.

• Cigarette smoking: Cigarettes is a enormous result in for lung and jaws cancer malignancy and should possibly be averted at all costs, be it using tobacco as well as biting cigarette results in.

• Mister: A lesser identified mindblowing, sweets is being held responsible pertaining to numerous illnesses within the skin, largely Cancer. This specific nice take care of may preference great but has a bad affect the cellular material, even though in addition exacerbating pounds achieve as well as diabetes, the two which enhance odds of Most cancers.

• Processed foods: Healthful eating will be non-negotiable with regard to a sound body. Try to eat clean vegetables and fruit permanently healthy eating plan as well as lessen crap and take out.

• Light publicity: Continual experience of the radiation impacts tissues negatively as well as boost Cancers likelihood. Steer clear of extended exposure to touch screen phones , nor sleep using the phone on the your bed.

• Genealogy and family tree: Genes play a significant part in Cancers, and also somebody using a genealogy of Cancer malignancy is actually far more subject to this disease.

Signs and symptoms regarding Most cancers

Using are usually certain symptoms you need to consider.

• Recurring Nausea

• Abrupt weight loss

• Decrease in desire for foods

• Blood vessels inside urine/ bar stool

• Lumps/ spots with skin tone

• Severe headaches, sometimes together with dizziness and feeling sick

These kinds of signs could be caused by numerous components other than Most cancers, which causes many people in order to ignore them. In addition to these kind of frequent signals; chronic shhh, uncomfortable neck, tiredness as well as human body agony are also early symptoms associated with Cancer malignancy. Nevertheless tiny a difficulty may seem, it will always be recommended to get any kind of prolonged or maybe unexpected warning sign read through instantaneously through the Medical doctor. Delayed prognosis is really a typical source of Cancer malignancy extent within India with ps24.net.pl above 80% of Cancer malignancy people hurting at a sophisticated level on account of past due detection.

Avoidance Ideas

Healthful dwelling is the obvious way to keep regarding Melanoma. Specific measures and also change in lifestyle will help you be more healthy in addition to tougher using a much better likelihood with preventing this specific illness.

• Stay clear of Cigarettes and also minimize Sugars

• In place the intake regarding clean fruits and veggies

• Work out regularly

• Prevent stress

• Retain a wholesome fat

• Opt for standard check-ups

However a large amount of function is it being done to be able to spread attention in relation to fighting that illness and in many cases preventing this, some individuals want to continue being unaware away from concern or even the fact they don't possibly be damaged. Likewise, sadly it's nevertheless regarded some sort of taboo in certain households to discuss Melanoma, causing the idea to get found from the later stages any time therapy becomes harder. However it is important to be aware that while Melanoma sounds like the scariest sensation, you will find remedies as well as cures especially if found inside the early stages in which let you go on living your health in the healthful as well as happy manner.

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Że ludzie starsi bez rodziny mają cholernie trudno. Nawet jeśli są w domach pomocy społecznej. Jako opiekunka osób starszych, bywałam w różnych ośrodkach pomocy długoterminowej, więc mogę się wypowiedzieć. Ludzie którzy mają dzieci lub ktoś inny do nich przychodzi, mają kremy, są bardziej optymistyczne, są zadbane nawet jeśli chodzi o opiekę bo często jest wypowiedziane stwierdzenie: "Rób coś tam lepiej bo rodzina...". To jest okrutne. Ci co nie mają bliskich, nawet kremu nie mają, nikt nie potrzyma za rękę, nikt z nimi nie rozmawia, bo po co? Skoro leży. A leżąca osoba nie oznacza, że nic nie rozumie. Są przypadki, że nie może mówić po udarze, ale jak dałam jej kartkę i długopis to napisała mi co by chciała. Dlaczego dopiero po iluś tam latach, ja odbywająca praktyki wpadłam na pomysł, że ona może normalnie wypowiadać się. A no dlatego, że jak są 2 opiekunki na 60 osób to one nie mają szans czasowych, żeby porozmawiać, czy jakkolwiek skomunikować się. Wiem bo miałam praktyki 2 miesiące i doskonale zdaje sobie sprawę że to ciężka fizyczna praca i jak znajdzie się przerwa na "obiad", najczęściej przerywany, to nogi do góry i odpoczynek.
To nie wina opiekunek, pielęgniarek czy lekarzy. Bo robią to co muszą. TO wina obcinania kosztów.
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No dobra wypróbowałam Dream Coffret pierce, ale wciąż czeka na mnie Aikatsu i mój ulubiony Yume Miru Change

ehhh ... Niech w końcu nadejdzie wiosna i luźniejsze dni.

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