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We decide we need to move ahead, but I get a leave move to investigate the stores while Steve checks out the ships chandlery. I invest a hilarious hour in a tiny boutique full of designer apparel with slashed prices. The Italian shop-assistant retains bringing things to try on to me - we actually hit it off. We chuckle as I try on skirts, tops, trousers, belts and see myself changed by these lovely clothes. Other customers sometimes join in on the repartee and come and go. She informs me I should have zees and zat! "But I am living on a boat" i-say! " I do not want zees and zat! ... only perhaps zat!" Another client says "Eef she eees living on a boat she does not need clothes - only a great guy!" "Aha!" Myself say "I already have a great guy, so I don't want anything!" (I am teasing her) She turns to her client and claims "Shut up!" and we all dissolve into hysterics - I laugh till I practically cry...and sooner than I want to, I should depart, but not without my Max Mara leather belt and Emelio cavallini strappy best. Myself left out other items and the Beeblos skirt, but will remember this interlude in Sibenik! We do expect to come back next year, although there is plenty more to see in this region, specifically the old city of Rovinj and Roman websites inland. Afterward we'll charter a bigger boat without a doubt!

We have been blessed... so lucky. On the great days we are close to sailing out of here, but then Steve's pain reasons him and we know we are going to stay in the hope that things can be made better.Croatia is a very fine place to be. Far-Out, historical, dusty, untidy, a genuinely lovely Harbour and autos here on the side. Croatian is mostly spoken amongst locals, - a very uncommon sounding English consistently an alternative, although language with its origins in Croatian and Arabic. Our Medical Insurance has insured Steve for an FSC scan and the specialist he's seen has implied hydrocortisone injections into his lower back joints to alleviate arthritis' symptoms. We're presently working by means of this alternative.


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