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Hej :)

Wracam na szybko jeszcze przed wyjazdem do szkoły by wam pokazać jaki efekt dają rzęsy, które kupiłam :)

Przymierzyłam jedną by zobaczyć jak się prezentuje :)



fajnie, nie ?
firma : *SkillS*

*Teraz zmykam, trzymajcie za mnie kciuki bo mam hardcorowy zjazd* :D :D

Buzzzziaczki :*
Do poniedziałku
Natalia :D
  • awatar gość: Super efekt :) trzymam kciuki :*
  • awatar Kleooooo: efekt mega xd
  • awatar pat18s: Trzymam kciuki :) Wyglądasz pięknie :)
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If your tenpin bowling is a bit off-target, a smart training ball might one day keep your shots out of the gutter.

Link: www.newscientist.com/(…)mg20527426.400-smart-balls-…


For IT professionals who are either looking to get back into the workforce or mulling moves to greener pastures, here are the six types of skills most in demand in 2010.

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Not sure what value to building a house this contractor's tape measure tricks have but -- as far as tape measure tricks go -- they're awesome.

Link: burbia.com/house-contractor-with-insane-tape-mea…


How many times have you watched an action movie and thought to yourself "Man, it must take years of training to be able to pull that off?" Real life police officers, soldiers, and spies have to undergo rigorous training before they get to pilot submarines and shoot people, right?

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Good stuff especially when he gets to 4 balls (which starts around 1:26 in vid).

Link: www.collegehumor.com/video:1924663


It’s trampolining but not as we know it, from Oli Lemieux of Cirque du Soleil

Link: video.mpora.com/watch/INMA5dxhV/



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