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*Phuket, 19.01.2018*

*Witam Was moje Kochane!*  :* / *moi Kochani!* ;)

U mnie wszystko ok. Dzisiaj ponownie odwiedziłem w Phuket Top Team, gdzie ostro ćwiczyłem. Zacząłem od brzuszków, potem zszedłem na ...

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Everyone needs a home, not just simply a house. It is a place where you can escape the pressure of the outside world and find mental and emotional support from your family. Building your house into something you'll hold dear, and find comfort, love, and security is the first step in having your true home. With this goal in mind, a custom home would be the best answer to your special needs.

A secondhand house is not bad, but why not make something according to your specifications and tastes from the ground up? Sounds exciting right? And as one of the most sought-after custom home builders, The Petersen Group can greatly help you build your dream home into reality.

Is it amazing to leave something in the world that's made of you and your family's memories? A custom home is something that you'll cherish for a lifetime since it will be yours and your family's alone. And because it's something that's created from your personal likings, it would be very special and unique, making it irreplaceable.

The greatest advantage of hiring a custom home builder like The Petersen Group is having a complete control over your dream home. Let's say, everything is in your hands, and nothing will be done without your consent. Whatever you want for your home's interior will be made just for you and your family. Just name your needs and the firm can handle the rest, and will do everything to provide you a lifetime of comfort. Have you ever played the simulation video game series called "The Sims"? Building a house in that game is really exciting because you have all the freedom to do anything and put everything you want. You can feel the same excitement if you choose to build a custom home. Having the power to customize everything is a very exciting and fun thing to do because you get to choose the color and style of the walls, cabinets, shelves, carpets as well as the doorknobs, windows, and light fixtures.

When it comes to custom homes, you'll get exactly what you want, no more no less. If your children love reading so much, you can make a special library just for them. If your partner loves art so much, you can also create an artist's studio. You can meet your family's unique needs with a custom built home. You'll utilize most of your money and get your dream home within your budget. With this, you'll not experience having wasted rooms and unused spaces compared to getting a pre-owned house and paying features of the property you don’t really want in the first place. Furthermore, you don't need to spend a huge amount of money on remodeling a house if you opt to have a custom built home because you can decide whatever design you want with your home during the designing phase, so there's no need for costly changes in the future.

Working with The Petersen Group also guarantees that your home is going to be energy-efficient. Installing whole house systems can protect your household from rising energy costs in the future. The firm can also perform a thorough evaluation of various factors that affect energy use in your home, which can result in reduced costs, safer indoor environment, and improved building durability.

Imagine drawing something on a clean sheet of paper and doing some coloring after it, seeing the finished product will make you feel good, right? It is what having a custom built home feels like. Just let your creativity flow into you and let go all the ideas you have in mind, then discuss it with the firm. They are very meticulous to every detail and can adjust anything according to your needs. One of the most rewarding moments in your life is seeing your dream home comes to life, and The Petersen Group can make it happen.

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You may be thinking of building your own home but do not know where to start and who to talk to. You are nearing the realization of your dream house but it is more work than you have expected. There are so many trained professionals that you have to deal with and you still have to make sure that they are not some fraud who will only go wasting your hard-earned money. No worries. These challenges are not enough reasons to stop you on your tracks into creating your dream house.

We, at the Petersen Group, would want you to have the homes you want as much as you do. For us to totally help you in your tracks, we have prepared this list of professionals for you to be acquainted with. These key members will work closely with you and with each other to create the dream house you are imagining.

•    Developer

It all starts with finding a good location for you to be able to build your home. Real estate developers are in charged with finding a good community and land investment. That might be an open field, wooded land or some mountainous place with a breath taking view.

Developers mostly invest a lot of money and time into finding these locations. They are patiently acquiring individual parcels of land from many owners and assembling it on their own.

For every community the developer builds, there is a specific target. They review the potential of each location. There are those which are exclusively built to look like Hollywood’s neighborhood community in the middle of the busy and populated city of Jakarta, Indonesia and there are those which are built like it is in the middle of the city when in fact, you are near the desserts of Egypt.

•    Architect

Once builders purchase the lot, it is up for the architect to design it. The result is a series of floor plans that falls within the community’s price range, square footage and concept.

•    Design Consultant

If the design has already been chosen, it is now time to choose the materials to be used and a design consultant is vital in mixing and matching things together

•    Contractors

Of course, after the design and materials are set, it is now time to build. Contractors and his helpers do the manly works from the building of the foundation to painting the walls.

•    Inspectors

Inspection is vital to know if your home is ready to be occupied. There will be a double checking of the plumbing, electrical systems and other installations before issuing a certificate of occupancy.

As you plan your new home, it is important to consider the type of builder that is best suitable to materialize the home you are planning. One of the questions to ask is whether to sign up with custom home builder or higher-volume home builder which is also referred to as production builders.  

Factors to consider includes the type of house being built, layout that you are aiming for and the design that you prefer. Much of the decision will rest in the reviews you choose – and how much design input you would like to have, in partnership with your builder, during your home building process.

At its core, the difference between production and custom home builders is simple: a production builder builds multiple houses based on the library of home plans while custom builders create homes out of the owner’s personal preference.

In some parts of the continent, particularly in developing cities such as Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the production model of construction accounts for most new homes built. In other countries such as Singapore and Seoul, South Korea, for example, custom homes comprise a much larger share of new homes. That being said, both types are available in most parts of Asia. Here's a breakdown of what to expect from each:

1.    Custom Home Builder

If you have already planned the neighborhood you will be living in, have a particular design already set up or would want to be heavily involved in the construction process, then, custom building is the best choice for you.

Reina Sarsha, engineer in the Peterson Group custom builders explains, “As the name implies, the process of building custom-made homes do not follow standard regulations. It is less scripted than the production home because there are no pre-defined choices or menus”. With custom homes, you can:

•    Build on land of your choice
•    Supply a floor plan or commission a set of home plans to be drawn from scratch.
•    Work with a separate architect and builder – or with a design-build company that manages both the architectural design and the construction process.

2.    Production Home Builder

In these cases, the buyers are saved from the hassle of planning and design albeit possible complaints of construction flaws after moving in.

Most production based builders:

•    Offer home and land as a package
•    Offer a range of house plans to choose from
•    Allow buyers to select their favorite style/design from a menu in several product categories
•    Build homes priced for first-time, move-up and luxury buyers



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By MEGAN CUNNINGHAM A boisterous bunch of fellow passengers on a flight from Thailand annoyed Ms. Cunningham, until she learned their story. Published: Oct www.news-magazine-blog.com/megan-cunningham-of-m…


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