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Zadar - uns fehlen die Worte.Eine besondere Stadt mit erstaunlicher Fabel. So schön können wir nicht glauben. Aus weißem Schmuckwerk ebenso alten erbaute Straßen poliert auf Hochglanz - die Hand nimmt  Licht in der Nacht - von den vielen Füßen, die hier  Laufe der Jahrhunderte gegangen sind. Wir wahrnehmen uns so geehrt, durch welche Straßen nach ' , in der art von wir erkunden die Altstadt. Es ist eine Schande, so früh beilegen, aber unser Bus fährt um 20.30 Uhr zumal wir das Gefühl ein ein spritzer erschöpft.
Alles ist schmucklos bei unserer Heimkehr, so dass wir  Haufen in das Bett außerdem schlafen rein Minuten. Es ist die  Heulen des Windes, der uns wacht nach finden, dass Dugongo den Wind auf ihrer Backbord ebenso Anstrengung an der Festmacher, so dass wir rein einem Winkel vor der Stadtbefestigung lag.Wir festmachen geradezu eine andere Linie  die Mitte Klampe auf der Backbordseite, Rücken an der Wand und an einer Seilwinde. Das scheint nach helfen, ebenso richten uns ein ein wenig. Frank findet selbst eine andere Festmacher längs den Anlegeplatz zumal fügt hinzu, dass mit einer bereits auf dem Bogen.
Es gibt nix,  wir tun können, außer  zu erkennen geben, dass man etwas zu tun gedenkt zu schlafen - unruhig Ich denke, dasjenige Wort ist! Der Wind scheint umherwandern aus der SE besuchen werden und ist wirklich heulen, besuchen rein eiskalten Böen. Einige Charteryachten bereits den Hafen einstellen, aber wir denken, was nach tun. Wir sind gut - außerdem an dem nächsten Morgen ist es relativ ruhig zumal die Zentralgestirn auf die Seile umziehen in aufgebraucht Richtungen von Dugongo scheint!Das Fahrersitz ist ein geschäftiger Position suchen.

Weiter oben der Schlucht eine Wache hält Wanderer vom Schwimmen  kühlen Strömung verlockend. Dieses Wasser ist lediglich trinken!
Martina beschließt, langsam wieder hinter unten nach gehen ebenso verlässt Brenda, Andy außerdem Frank auf ein Stück der länge nach zu gehen. Frank  Trudeln zumal streift sich das  bald darauf eine heilsame Erinnerung daran, dass der unebene Boden ist schwer erziehbar.
Wieder zurück am Strand rein der Nähe, wo die Heimkehr der Fährschiff aus am steuer sein, planen wir, ein Nasszelle  zu nehmen, aber oh je, schauen Sie sich diesen Felsbrocken zwang man steigen, um über  Wasser zu bekommen. Null schreckt uns. Wir brauchen, um  abzukühlen zumal dasjenige kristallklare Wasser des Libyschen Meeres sind eine willkommene Auffrischung.
Es gibt so viel nach wahrnehmen, auf Kreta, ist es schwer erziehbar zu wissen, wo Sie anbrechen , außerdem die Hitze im zentrum des Tages macht es fast unmöglich  . So sehr, dass wir schließlich verlassen Kreta mit einem Gefühl, dass wir es nicht wirklich gerecht geworden.

On Friday morning 5 July, we leave the Kornati Islands for Split 10 miles across to mainland Hvar. Its been a windy night at anchor report having a worrying time with very little room under our neighbours' keel on a lee shore and they. Steve hasn't been nicely again and locates the business of mooring the boat on entrance quite a pull, bringing on the back pain again with a vengeance, particularly as we have to move the boat three times in the space of a few hours, starting off in the haul-out bay, next to a vast ferry on the tough stand. The engineer comes on board and diagnoses a problem with the fuel injectors, presenting the fuel squirting out of them. Within ten minutes the decks are foul and Mary starts to weep. (It always works!) In this active harbour the powers that be find ourselves a more suitable area and we end the day in a really tight, shallow marina berth, while the fuel injectors are taken out where we'll stay for the next five nights, and serviced.

Now we headed to the well-known town and Isle of Komiza. It's drenched in Venitian charm and with its dynamic cocktail bars this is a party port that is a highlight for celebrities and passengers alike - while we were there though none were seen. As we couldn't dock who'd be there but a friend and we stopped at a little beach I'd met in Portoroz. I went for a swim and it was incredible. Komiza was a beautiful town and we had an amazing night, before closing the night dancing back at Carpe Diem we had a picnic dinner and after that headed to another tavern after which to Carpe Diem a cocktail bar. Today it's away to Pula, which can be supposedly the birth place. We went when we got there, we went for a walk around the town I hobbled. Pula is quite a little but amazing place, where also you are able to charter a yacht. You sit at the highest part of the turret purchase your drinks and they may be pulled up on a little elevation like system from the pub to the highest part of the turret. It was freezing at the top so I headed down to the next level inside and had a vodka red bull.

Steve is up early with an assignment to fit the sails up before the wind comes up again. This can be yet another enormous benefit on board Daisy is appreciated by us. Two beers 2- we pull-up the primary and 3 swims, 1 hour reading and writing catch-up later and sail the anchorage off to your blissfully smooth run in 8-12 knots on stbd quarter. The distant islands around us are very Tonga without the palm-trees.Our target for today is the island of Rab but we have to clear the southern part of Unije as a way to go east. If we don't make it we will cease in Cres. We slip southwards making hardly 2 knots. It is also our goal to sail rather than motor, so we decide watch for the afternoon breeze to grab and to stop for a swim. We find the bay of Zapodaski on the NW approach to Mali Unije is a treasure as we drop the anchor for lunch and however another swim. Another charter yachts came to the bay.

We decide we need to move ahead, but I get a leave move to investigate the stores while Steve checks out the ships chandlery. I invest a hilarious hour in a tiny boutique full of designer apparel with slashed prices. The Italian shop-assistant retains bringing things to try on to me - we actually hit it off. We chuckle as I try on skirts, tops, trousers, belts and see myself changed by these lovely clothes. Other customers sometimes join in on the repartee and come and go. She informs me I should have zees and zat! "But I am living on a boat" i-say! " I do not want zees and zat! ... only perhaps zat!" Another client says "Eef she eees living on a boat she does not need clothes - only a great guy!" "Aha!" Myself say "I already have a great guy, so I don't want anything!" (I am teasing her) She turns to her client and claims "Shut up!" and we all dissolve into hysterics - I laugh till I practically cry...and sooner than I want to, I should depart, but not without my Max Mara leather belt and Emelio cavallini strappy best. Myself left out other items and the Beeblos skirt, but will remember this interlude in Sibenik! We do expect to come back next year, although there is plenty more to see in this region, specifically the old city of Rovinj and Roman websites inland. Afterward we'll charter a bigger boat without a doubt!

We have been blessed... so lucky. On the great days we are close to sailing out of here, but then Steve's pain reasons him and we know we are going to stay in the hope that things can be made better.Croatia is a very fine place to be. Far-Out, historical, dusty, untidy, a genuinely lovely Harbour and autos here on the side. Croatian is mostly spoken amongst locals, - a very uncommon sounding English consistently an alternative, although language with its origins in Croatian and Arabic. Our Medical Insurance has insured Steve for an FSC scan and the specialist he's seen has implied hydrocortisone injections into his lower back joints to alleviate arthritis' symptoms. We're presently working by means of this alternative.

On 17 Sept we're feeling energetic so decide to go for a walk to town of Lastovo. The sign generally does not sound like too far away so off and it says 3 miles we go. It seems to be rather an uphill climb, then a lengthy downhill on another side. The countryside transforms as we go from barren hills, to olive trees and quite aromatic pine trees on uncultivated land, to wineries loaded with grapes when we get closer to Lastovo township. The island is famous for the quality wines that are good. You can charter a yacht there, it is possible to rent a motor bike there. You are able to do buying, everything you can do on this little and cosy isle.


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